Here is all you need to know about Tibetan rugs

Tibetan rug


The Tibetan culture is not only limited to Tibet but also universal. The culture has won the eyes of the westerners and created a desire in their minds with its masterpiece designs, paints, and simple innovations but truly heart-winning, for example, mala (beads), incense, prayer flags, and so on. The benefits that you get from these traditional Tibetan produces are overwhelming and inspiring. They help you to move forward in your life, whether you are using the Tibetan Singing Bowl to cure your depression or sitting on the Tibetan Tiger Rug to practice a result-oriented deep meditation.

Many westerners like the Tibetan Tiger Rugs because they feel their confidence being up built up in the presence of these rugs. They also know that a tiger is a symbol of power, alertness, and discipline. Above all, the rug is traditionally made, using a hand-made technique, and consists using of the wool of the Himalayan sheep that is the mark of the most durable and highest quality. In other words, the Tibetan Tiger Rugs are the finest examples of elegance and luxury, and your house feels they need to be own in the future. Other visitors will find them attractive, soft, and stylish. They will envy it.

We make Tibetan rugs that come under the category of new patterns and beautiful designs. Our service includes sending you a rug directly from our factory, which is in Kathmandu, Nepal. We also make a customized rug for you of any size, color, style, and knot.

Send your ideas to us and get the rug designed by our professional designers, who are well-versed in both traditional and modern designs.

Are the Tibetan Rugs Good?

They are beyond it because they are rich in Lanolin, a wax that is secreted by the sebaceous glands of the Himalayan sheep that also keeps the beads of water on the surface. This is the reason why they are soft. Besides this, they are hand-woven (hand-knotted techniques). This process employed in the making of this type of rug increases the durability of a rug which is stronger than machine-made rugs. A Tibetan rug with 150 knots square per inch and above this is of high quality (long-lasting). You can even customize for 300 knots. And we sell this type of rug at a competitive price. During the initial rug-making process, we will trim the yarns that are on the anterior and posterior sides. We will add color to it to make it lively. Then it is followed by stretching, finishing, packing, and shipping. The art of rug-making in Tibet is more than 1000 years old, and the time has come for you to be a part of this heritage.

Tibetan Tiger Rugs

They will turn the negative power into the positive power, and they will also give you strength. You will notice this when you see an old photo of the Tibetan high officials sitting on the Tibetan Tiger rugs. And they are available in 100 knots, the most preferred knots by our international clients. You can buy this rug having a thickness of 4 mm or 5 mm. They are also available in different colors and sizes. You will also find the face of the tiger looking at you fiercely and gently from one of the ends of the carpet. But the main thing is it is a worthwhile investment in a Tibetan Tiger rug. The rug will last for years. And it will not only keep your room warm but also decorate it.

Vintage Tibetan Rugs

These types of rugs that we sell are in condition. They are beautiful and of high quality. You will have to decide where they will go best in the space of your house. They are well-priced, and they are better than they look in the picture. These carpets are delivered quickly because they are already in our stock. You can buy any vintage carpets from us with confidence. And most of them are unique. They are well-made and have the potential to attract all the people.

Who makes the best Tibetan rugs?

We sell traditional Tibetan rugs, customized, modern, and vintage Tibetan rugs. All our rugs are hand-woven and made from pure wool. The rugs that we make come from the genius ideas of our designers. After you buy from us, you don’t have to worry for the rest of your life. We have a collection of carpets to show you. They will surely win your heart. While making these rugs, we did not employ young children. All our employees are above 18 and happy to help you.

Tibetan rugs made in Nepal

Do you know the Himalayan region of Nepal lies in the Tibetan Plateau, and do you also know that the Tibetan and the Nepali used to do business with each other hundreds of years ago? The border between Nepal and Tibet is open like a book, or you can say the border is porous. Many Tibetans came to Nepal as there were no such restrictions during those days. And they brought to Nepal with them the art of rug-making, All the Tibetan rugs that we make in Nepal use the ancient art of the Tibetan hand-knotted technique, and all our employees have mastered the art of ancient Tibetan weaving. They use heirloom, knife, iron rod, and 100% Himalayan sheep wool to create the finest Tibetan rugs that you have always craved in your life and decided to order online from the second generation of the Tibetans who moved from Tibet to Nepal 70 years ago.