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Yuna Handicrafts is your one-stop online handicrafts store in Nepal for buying high-quality, carefully selected, and ethically sourced 100% handmade Nepali handicrafts.”

We hope you find something that speaks to you and adds a special touch to your home or collection.

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 108,792.00 504,155.00
 108,792.00 504,155.00
 26,535.00 135,326.00

Medicine Buddha Statues

13″ Tibetan Medicine Buddha Statue

 23,882.00 30,515.00

Gurkha Kukri - Knife

3 Chirra Gurkha Kukri Knife

 15,258.00 22,555.00

Felt Ball Products

Multicolor Round Felt Ball Rug

 22,555.00 129,356.00
 15,788.00 52,273.00

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