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How to Use a Khukri Knife ?

Authentic Nepali Khukuri

We love to sell khukuri online because we value your khukuri dream that you have dreamt in your country. You want to own it at one point of your life, and we work towards it by looking at your order and by aligning it with your needs and requirements. We ask ourselves who knows about […]

How to Choose a Singing Bowl ?

How to choose a singing bowl

Are you thinking of buying a singing bowl that is original? You are lucky enough to come to the right spot. Before we sell this simple-looking item to you but full of significance, we would like you to go through this post that has been adored by our international clients. You will learn the tips […]

Buying a Good Khukuri in Nepal? Things to Consider While Buying a Khukuri

Nepali Khukri

Buying a good Handmade Nepali Khukuri or Gurkha Kukri in Nepal is a challenge because you can find many khukuris with their unique specialty. Nepali Khukuri represents Nepalese culture, brave soldiers, and a peaceful country. There is a long history of Nepalese or Gurkha soldiers. They fought with only Khukuri to defeat the enemy. The […]

Types of Buddha Statues and Their Meaning

Type of Budhha statue

Buddha’s statues have been a topic of curiosity for many Buddhists and non-Buddhists as they have many different styles, positions, and gestures. Such statues have their meaning and significance. Even though there are  different types of Buddha statues with different meanings, all statues represent peace and happiness. After the hundred years of Buddha’s death, all […]

Different Parts of Gurkha Kukri Knife

Different Parts of Gurkha Kukri Knife

The Handmade Gurkha Kukri is a national weapon of Nepal. It’s famous for its shape and size. Nepal is famous for its Gurkha warrior and Kukri. The main word for kukri is “Khukuri”. This term is mostly used in the Asian subcontinent, and the “Kukri” word is mostly used in Britain and other countries. Kukri […]

9 Types of Tibetan Singing Bowl and Their Unique Feature

9 Types of Tibetan Singing Bowl and Their Unique Feature

The Tibetan Singing Bowl is one of the well-known Buddhist ritual items. It’s also known as the “Himalayan” Singing Bowl. It’s in a bowl shape. The singing bowl is a traditional musical instrument of Buddhist that creates an auspicious sound or vibration. The vibration and sound are formed by friction. The sound is produced by […]

A list of the best selling handmade items in 2021

best selling handmade items in 2021

Making money by best selling handmade items in 2021? Seriously? Before the skeptic in you starts questioning the longevity of craft business, you should know that the market is estimated to reach around $50.9 billion worldwide, according to reports from Statista. And with the booming presence of online shopping, the records are getting even higher! […]

Best Places to Buy Nepali Handicraft Items in Kathmandu

Best places to buy Nepali handicrafts in Kathmandu

After the completion of the international airport in Pokhara, touristsmight prefer Pokhara to Kathmandu as their first-time arrival destination in Nepal in the future. When it comes to buying Nepali handicrafts in Kathmandu, they will head to the main touristy places in Kathmandu. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is dotted with handicraft industries. These industries […]