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Top 10 Corporate Gift Ideas 

How to choose a singing bowl

Giving employees corporate presents is a wise strategy to improve the working relationship between employers and employees. Businesses of all sizes are known for giving gifts to their staff and associates on significant holidays like Christmas, Dashain, and Tihar (the Nepalese festival). Businesses consider it essential to their business to give gifts to partners, clients, […]

Best Dhaka Products to buy in Nepal

Dhaka Tote Bag - DTTB10

What is Dhaka? Dhaka is a significant handwoven textile in Nepal that holds great importance because it represents Nepali culture. Dhaka textile is usually made with colors combination and woven in geometric design. Isn’t it interesting to know that Dhaka is handwoven in wooden looms? Yes, this is how colorful geometric design fabric from Nepal, […]

10 interesting facts about Handicrafts of Nepal

Handicrafts of Nepal

Nepalese handicrafts portray the oldest civilization in the world. They are made in connection to various cultures, traditions, ethnicities and a unique way of life. Handicrafts of Nepal are an important thing because of the creativity, dignity, culture, tradition and exceptional skills of the artisans. It is a fact that Nepal has a wide and […]

Why Khukris make a perfect souvenir?

Khukri as a souvneir

Khukuri is Nepal’s pride and a great souvenir to remember for the wonderful struggles and bravery galore of Nepal’s Gorkhalis. Khukri is a well-known fatal weapon used mostly in the Anglo-Nepal war. Kukuri scabbards are often composed of wood or metal with an animal hide, metal, or wood covering. Furthermore, this weapon represents ferocious courage […]

Challenges Faced by Artisans in Nepal

Artisans in Nepal

Challenges Faced by Artisans in Nepal For a culturally-rich nation like Nepal, preserving the handicrafts and Artisans in Nepal has become more than crucial. Sadly, Nepal is going through economic crises like money inflation. Among the masses who suffered money inflation in Nepal, Artisans, from the creative fields, are the most affected ones.  What do […]

Pashmina in Nepal- A Complete Guide | Pashmina By Yuna Handicrafts

A Complete Guide 2020 : How to identify real Pashmina?

Pashmina in Nepal- A Complete Guide | Pashmina By Yuna Handicrafts Nepali Pashmina has a separate fanbase in the world and if you are wondering why Pashmina in Nepal is so popular, then we have got you covered in this blog. Let’s start!! What is a Pashmina? Pashmina is a luxury textile manufactured from Himalayan […]

9 Handicrafts Of Nepal That Make Perfect Souvenirs

Felt ball for souvenir

Whenever we visit new countries/ places, we think of getting something affordable from that specific place as a souvenir to our dear ones. Nepal is very rich in handicraft production, which allows tourists to select souvenirs from various varieties. Many handicrafts in Nepal are usually related to some cultures and traditions, which hold more value. […]

Wheel of Life : A Way to Understand Yourself Better

The Wheel of Life

If you want Lord Buddha to give you a spiritual lecture in front of your eyes, then you should buy the Wheel of Life Thangka that will show the result of your action. It is the representation of Lord Buddha’s vision. The vision he had seen and experienced during the enlightenment. He wants people to […]