How the Pashmina Came into Existence ?


Is pashmina a Nepali word? No, it is an Iranian word. The word they use is the same as the word we use to mean the pashmina products, whether they are the pashmina shawls or the wedding pashminas. These products came into light in 1300 as they had been mentioned in the books by the Muslim scholars who live in Central Asia. Can we trace the history of pashmina back from 1300? Pashmina shawls had been mentioned in the old books that were found in Afghanistan, and the texts date back to the 4th century BC.

The first people to make these shawls were not Nepalis nor Indians but the Muslim weavers from Persia, now known as Iran. This art of weaving was inherited by some of the people of the Changpa tribe in India who live in the Ladakh region and pass the acquired skills from one generation to another. With the passage of time, this art gradually started increasing its dominance and made its way into the Himalayan region of Nepal, where everything is suitable for the production of pashmina goods. The world’s best pashmina products for men and women are made in Nepal, and who can forget the Nepali pashmina shawl that was worn by Princess Diana.

What is a pashmina really ?

It is rare wool found in the skin of the goat that lives in the Himalayan region, near the snow-covered mountains, at 14,000 feet. And the name of this goat is Chyangra in Nepali and Capra Hircus in biology. The goat Capra Hircus is as beautiful as the soft pashmina shawl. The wool that it produces for its body is the warmest thing that it can have in the Himalayan climate of -40 degree Celsius. While we use this wool to make a shawl for you for this coming Christmas festival, we are 100% sure; you will enjoy the same warmness, plus the softness that is six times much softer than your fine hair.

Pashmina goat

They are found in the plateau of Tibet, and some of its parts are in Nepal, including in the areas of the countries like Burma and India, particularly in the Indian states like Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. Another name of this goat is Changthangni. This goat is domesticated by the nomads not only for meat but also domesticated for the finest wool. These goats can even survive in an area where there is thin grass. They have white fur, but you can also see some of them in black and grey. They are shorn once a year to make pashmina products for men and women. During the shearing, we will collect the fur that weighs 80 grams or more, and the heaviest weight that we have collected is 180 grams.

Pashmina Rave

As the name suggests to us, we can wear the pashmina shawl in different styles for different situations. You can wear it on your head. You can also wear it around your neck. Some love to wear it on the shoulder. And there are some who want to look more stylish on it; they become so by wearing it on the shoulder and by tying both ends on their backsides. While you are wearing it around your neck, you can also tie both ends in front of your torso and create knots one by one till you reach the finishing line of the ends.

The shawl drapes easily and beautifully. Black pashmina shawl has the potential to make you attractive and influential. You know the power of black. Some women wear it on their wedding days. This shawl that we sell to you is beautifully made and comes at a good price. We also sell the shawl that matches with Benjamin Moore AF-100, a color that you have used on the exterior and interior walls of your house.

Pashmina Animal Crossing

This is a TV series and has derived its name from a pashmina scarf. Pashmina has not only touched the lives of the kings, queens, and elites, but it has also touched the lives of a mass of people. The scarf that a woman wears during the festival is a small piece of work of art. It is warm, light, and comfortable. Feel the luxurious aspect of this shawl. It can be given as a gift to a bride at the wedding ceremony. Do you also know that it goes well with all kinds of outfits? The scarf is wrinkle-free and can last for years.