Why Choose Thangka Painting as a Gift for Your Loved Ones ?

Why Choose Thangka Painting for a Gift to Your Loved Ones?


The Thangka Painting is the best option for gifting your loved ones. Thangka is also known as “Paubhas” in Nepal Bhasa which means that it’s a message from the temple. The term “tang” means flat surface in Tibetan. Thangka painting is a world-famous painting because of its unique art design, color, and material used for painting. A thangka painting is designed in silk, cotton, or canvas.Why choose Thangka Painting for gifts? - Yuna Hadicrafts Nepal

Thangka painting is a detailed artwork depicting the different gods and goddesses. Majorities of Buddhist and Tibetan gods are used for thangka painting. In the thangka painting, you can see the life of the Buddha and many avatars of it. You can also see the mandala painting, the wheel of life, Green Tara & its forms.

Why is Thangka Painting Important?

Thangka carries significant values in Buddhist culture. It serves as an effective educational instrument to depict the Buddha’s life, different prominent lamas, and bodhisattvas. “The Wheel of Life,” a visual illustration of the art of enlightenment, is the main subject of Thangka.

It is essentially special in Buddhism because it is not just a religious symbol as a type of art and religious symbol. It also tells about the people’s unique history, society, policies, social life, traditions, and many other aspects of life.

There are mainly three types of thangka painting which are as follows.

1.   Life of Buddha

In this type of  painting, you will only see the life cycle of Buddha. The painter will depict the steps from birth to death in Buddha’s life. This Tibetan thangka p will show the seven steps Budhha takes after birth and how he acquires knowledge.

Why Choose Thangka Painting for a Gift to Your Loved Ones? - Yuna Handicrafts Nepal

The thangka painting will show a lot of Buddha’s life. His power of meditation, the teaching of Buddha from suffering to nirvana and his ultimate achievement of illumination under a Bodhi Tree, and his efforts to educate the world.

2.   Buddhist wheel of life

The wheel of life displays the process of birth to death. The painting depicts the remarkable detail of The Buddhist Wheel of Transmigration, also known as the Buddhist Wheel of Life, The Wheel of Samsara, or the Bhavacakra. The wheel of life is a process of the human life cycle of birth, death, and reincarnation. There is a painting of Buddha outside of the wheel which means that Buddha is free of all moral and mental obstacles which can hinder any living being from achieving enlightenment. His existence outside the wheel shows that he’s beyond life and death.

Buddhist Wheel of Life

3.  Kalachakra Mandala

A kalachakra mandala is a Tantric circle which is used for meditation. It can be used as a visual aid for concentrating and introverted meditation which leads to insight and forces which culminate in “Siddi.” It’s believed that the mandala is the process of achieving enlightenment.  Kalachakra Mandala is often recognized as a circle of life.

 Kalachakra Mandala

Reasons To Choose Thangka Painting for Gift To Your Loved Ones

The symbol used in thangka has its cultural norms and values. So Tibetan thangka will be the best present for your loved ones.  Here are the reasons to choose thangka as a gift to your loved ones.

  • You can give a thangka on a religious occasion, ceremonies and can give it as a Christmas present, birthday present.
  • Best decorative ritual painting for the home and office.
  • Present to your loved ones as a good luck wish.
  • Carries cultural significance.
  • For positive energy and to protect the home from negative energy.
  • Thangka painting will give you radiant vibes.
  • Your loved ones will get to know about the teaching of Buddha.
  • Your loved ones will get to know the true meaning of love and compassion.
  • You can gift thangka painting as a blessing of God.


Therefore, it will be the best present for your loved ones if you are willing to give a thangka painting. If someone likes painting and has an interest in art, such painting will be the best gift for them. 

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