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Wheel of Life : A Way to Understand Yourself Better

The Wheel of Life

If you want Lord Buddha to give you a spiritual lecture in front of your eyes, then you should buy the Wheel of Life Thangka that will show the result of your action. It is the representation of Lord Buddha’s vision. The vision he had seen and experienced during the enlightenment. He wants people to […]

Why Choose Thangka Painting as a Gift for Your Loved Ones ?

Why Choose Thangka Painting for a Gift to Your Loved Ones?

The Thangka Painting is the best option for gifting your loved ones. Thangka is also known as “Paubhas” in Nepal Bhasa which means that it’s a message from the temple. The term “tang” means flat surface in Tibetan. Thangka painting is a world-famous painting because of its unique art design, color, and material used for […]