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Kalachakra Mandala : More Than Just Art, A Sacred Symbol

Kalachakra Mandala

Kalachakra Mandala Thangka is a means to be at the stage of peace, to know where the problem has come from, to accept the moment of unhappiness, and to know that nothing unwanted will last forever. Sadness is followed by happiness; this is a solution from this mandala. You have contacted us for Kalachakra Mandala […]

Why Choose Thangka Painting as a Gift for Your Loved Ones ?

Why Choose Thangka Painting for a Gift to Your Loved Ones?

The Thangka Painting is the best option for gifting your loved ones. Thangka is also known as “Paubhas” in Nepal Bhasa which means that it’s a message from the temple. The term “tang” means flat surface in Tibetan. Thangka painting is a world-famous painting because of its unique art design, color, and material used for […]