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Singing Bowl For Beginners – Experience Shared By One Of The Users

Singing Bowl for Beginners

Experience shared by one of our clients. I am a religious person; I am sure at the bottom of my sureness, you have a little bit of my character. When I saw a singing bowl the first time in my life, it looked like a piece of decoration object, or you can say an old […]

How to Choose a Singing Bowl ?

How to choose a singing bowl

Are you thinking of buying a singing bowl that is original? You are lucky enough to come to the right spot. Before we sell this simple-looking item to you but full of significance, we would like you to go through this post that has been adored by our international clients. You will learn the tips […]

Top 15 Buddhist Ritual Items

Buddhist Ritual Items

Buddhism was founded by Lord Gautam Buddha. It’s the fourth biggest religion in the world is Buddhism. This religion is mostly followed in Asia. Buddhism is an insight into the actual essence of the truth and spiritual creation. In Buddhism, the “Buddha” stands for “enlightened”. Buddhist rituals such as meditation are ways of transforming yourself […]

Best Handicrafts Products in Nepal You Can Buy in 2021

Best Handicrafts Products in Nepal You Can Buy in 2021

Nepal is one of the few countries to preserve its ancient traditional arts and architecture to date. It was once the destination of traditional arts and architecture, and to this day, a lot of art and craft of Nepal remain intact. Nepalese art has always been able to touch the pulse of people from all […]

How to clean a Singing Bowl?

How to take care of a Singing Bowl?

A Singing Bowl is a marvelous piece to add to your antique collection. So, if you own one, you know it’s valued and ought to be taken care of. In this article, we’ll learn how to take care of a Singing Bowl along with some cleaning techniques. Let’s get started. Methods to clean a Singing […]