How to clean a Singing Bowl?

How to take care of a Singing Bowl?


A Singing Bowl is a marvelous piece to add to your antique collection. So, if you own one, you know it’s valued and ought to be taken care of. In this article, we’ll learn how to take care of a Singing Bowl along with some cleaning techniques. Let’s get started.

Methods to clean a Singing Bowl

Singing Bowls acquire patina over the years of its storage. If left uncleaned, the bowl will collect disfigurements and affect the sound it generates. 

One should be consistent with cleaning the bowl. Despite being metal, a singing bowl should be taken care of as you’d take care of a fragile article. The bowl should be stored in a place where the dust won’t pile up. With that said, let’s look at some methods to clean a singing bowl. 

Use a soft towel to wipe the bowl 

For a regular clean-up, use a soft paper towel or a cloth. It helps remove the dirt acquired over time by the bowl. Do not use hard brushes as they tend to scratch the surface. Use water for stubborn fingerprints. Lastly, make sure to let the bowl dry for a few minutes and wipe it with a soft tissue/cloth. 

Use warm water to clean the stains 

For stubborn stains, rinse the singing bowl with hot soapy water and let it soak overnight. On the next day, take a soft tissue/cloth and wipe it gently to remove the stains from the singing bowl. Avoid any brushes with hard bristles as they might cause scratches. However, this method is not to be used on a regular basis. Only use this technique for stains that can’t be cleaned with a wipe. 

Tip: Use lemon juice for easier cleaning. DO NOT USE SODA.  

Tips to clean a Tibetan Singing Bowl 

  1. Clean the bowl consistently to avoid the accumulation of dust. 
  2. Do not scrub the bowl as it might damage the design and finish. 
  3. Do not expose the singing bowl to sunlight for a prolonged period of time. 
  4. Handle with care. While it might survive a drop, it will subsequently affect its sound. 
  5. Keep it dry and clean as it is sensitive and could collect water stains. 

Furthermore, the proper storage of a singing bowl is equally important. Where you store the bowl really matters. Generally, these bowls are kept on a cotton cloth to avoid direct contact with the surface. It’s even better if you can lock it inside a glass door. 

Taking care of a singing bowl is not as difficult as many portray it to be. However, the beautiful piece of metal definitely requires some of your attention on a regular basis. You must clean it on a regular basis and try to keep the singing bowl in a good condition. There’s no other way around. 

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How are you taking care of your singing bowl? Let us know in the comments!