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Yuna Handicrafts is your one-stop online handicrafts store in Nepal for buying high-quality, carefully selected, and ethically sourced 100% handmade products. Fairtrade and sustainable development have always been at the heart of our approach. All our products are designed and handmade by craftsmen and craftswomen who receive fair compensation for their work. The production of our handicrafts is free from any form of Child labour. We attach great importance and special monitoring while selecting the right product to ensure the highest quality of finish and a good investment payback to our local artisans.

Why choose Yuna Handicrafts?

We provide much-needed income to artisans’ families and help create an atmosphere of success and significance in their lives. By doing so, we are also preserving the local artistic tradition of the native people of Nepal, which otherwise would be lost because they would have to seek other non-traditional forms of employment.

We are proud to support the community by:

  • Facilitating artisans to showcase their skills and reach the wider audience
  • Preserve local artistic tradition
  • Sustainable production and consumption
  • Income to local families, cooperatives and artisans
How did Yuna Handicrafts start?

Yuna Handicrafts was founded in 2016 by our Founder/Chairman – Bhim Raj Rai, with a vision to support our talented local artisans and showcase their unique and authentic 100% handcrafted items from Nepal to the outer world. The online platform has helped the artisans to reach a wider audience, and now they have the means to sell their products in the international market and earn a good living out of it.

Bulk Orders

Our mission is to deliver high-quality, carefully selected, and ethically sourced 100% handmade products and reach more people who value artistic items. For this, we are open to a bulk supply of our handmade products to an individual or organization that gets a wholesale price for the retail selling.

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Thank you for supporting Nepali artisans!

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