How to Choose a Singing Bowl ?

How to choose a singing bowl


Are you thinking of buying a singing bowl that is original?

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Before we sell this simple-looking item to you but full of significance, we would like you to go through this post that has been adored by our international clients.

You will learn the tips of buying a singing bowl or how to choose a singing bowl that will heal your brain and body. We believe buying such an item should pay you off because this is an investment in health. Before we dive into this, first, let us know something about these bowls. Let us call this bowl the Tibetan singing bowl officially because we want to tell the people its real name; we really want to remove the veil off from the people’s eyes.

How to Use the Tibetan Singing Bowl for Healing?

How can a bowl heal? The bowl produces sound and vibrations, and you won’t believe what you have discovered; they have created psychological benefits in your brain, like relaxation. That gets better and led to pain relief in the body, stress relief in the mind, and improve sleeplessness. Besides this, it reduces blood pressure, depression, and harmonizes the cells of our bodies. It also massages the tissues of our bodies by penetrating its sound.

Tibetan singing bowl is therapy and has been in use for hundreds of years. During the treatment, it is placed in different parts of your body; sometimes, it is placed only on your head. Tell your therapist where your problem is.

In our office, we use the Tibetan singing bowl to meditate our minds and to relax our busy minds. It is not rocket science to use such bowls, nor is it child’s play? Its sound has a value beyond the way you can imagine.

If you are suffering from migraine or depression, sit straight and put the bowl like a helmet and strike on the four sides with a mallet softly to get relief. Many people used the Tibetan singing bowl in the 11th century in Nepal for this purpose. After that, it was completely out of the radar, and it has reborn again to become an eye-catching craft to the westerners who believe that sound therapy and science are inter-related.

Tibetan singing bowl is a safe means adopted by the Buddhist monks, music therapists, including yoga and massage therapists, for healing disease. It heals your back pain and balances the imbalanced 7 chakras of your body that begin from our heads and end at our anal. The balanced chakras make us confident, communicative, focused, affectionate, and spiritual.

It is also used by monks during meditation. What could be better evidence than this for a person like you who wants to excel in the world of spirituality and divinity?

Do you know that the sound of the singing bowl also cures the pain of your knees?

Tips to Choose a Tibetan Singing Bowl

  • What should matters to us is the sound that the Tibetan bowl produces. The resonance. And this resonance should be in the air for quite some time. How long? See the YouTube.


  • The bowl must have carvings outside its surface and engraved Tibetan words.



  • It should be hand-made. And you will know this by looking at the rim of the bowl. They are uneven and have the markings of a hammer.


  • Hand-made Tibetan singing bowls are lighter than machine-made ones, and the resonance of its sound is longer and soothing. Go for the hand-made. It has been made by hammering millions of times. It’s worth a buy.

The benefits of the singing bowl from the point of health are many. It takes you to a peaceful state of mind as well as cleanses your body.

You can produce two types of sound from the singing bowl either by striking softly with a mallet or by making circular motions around the rim with it. You make a calming sound. This is a very important lesson for a beginner from the sellers of singing bowls.

The unit of sound is Hz, and the science tells us that the sound level of the singing bowl can reach up to the maximum of 900 Hz. And it is bound to cure the following organs.

330 Hz for Kidney

198 Hz for Liver

220 Hz for Lungs

330 Hz for Gallbladder

117.3 Hz for Pancreas

110 Hz for Stomach

Install the sound apps to know more about Hz.

The practice of the healing bowl is Science

What kind of science it is. It is physics that you have studied in your school days. For example, when you strike it with a mallet, you create friction and vibrations. As a result, you hear the resonance. The resonance not only works for your body and mind but also removes negative energies from your home.

Are You Ready to Buy a Singing Bowl

There is a street shop that sells singing bowls; there is a one-room shop that sells singing bowls, and you can also buy them online from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

We sell genuine Tibetan singing bowls, and we give the pleasure of an online shopping experience. Because we know health is wealth.

And we cannot ignore the basic fact that the Tibetan singing bowl also scales your creativity.