Best Handicrafts Products in Nepal You Can Buy in 2021

Best Handicrafts Products in Nepal You Can Buy in 2021


Nepal is one of the few countries to preserve its ancient traditional arts and architecture to date. It was once the destination of traditional arts and architecture, and to this day, a lot of art and craft of Nepal remain intact. Nepalese art has always been able to touch the pulse of people from all over the world. Because of its rich cultural diversity, you will see different types of languages, foods, customs, and crafts in Nepal. If you want to buy some traditional product from Nepal, the diverse cultural art forms give you an option to buy many different types of handicrafts to select from all over the country.

Nepali handicrafts have earned their name and fame in all parts of the world due to their unique beauty and unspoiled nature. Basically, it is a home-based Handicraft industry where ancient techniques and skills have been passed down through the generations. Every year, tens of thousands of visitors come to Nepal with great interest in Nepalese handicraft products. With the increasing number of tourists, the handicraft industry is also growing substantially.

Nepali handmade art and craft include a wide variety of items such as Buddha statues, handmade paper products, thangkas, Himalayan leather bags, Singing bowls, potteries, Jewelry, wooden masks etc. Among these artefacts; Kukri, Pashmina Shawls, Thangka, bamboo products, Metal statues and carpets are some of the most Selling Handicrafts in Nepal

Now, without any further delay, let’s have a quick insight into some of the best handicrafts in Nepal.

Best Handicrafts Products in Nepal

Thangka Paintings

Thangka is a Buddhist painting painted on cotton and silk with meditational meaning. Basically, it is a scroll painting that shows a Buddhist deity, historical characters, imaginary creatures and other geometrical forms. Thangka paintings represent the Cosmos and serve as a means of meditation. It also represents the feelings and ideas hidden deep inside the artist. There is the significant importance of Thangka painting for Buddhists and are mainly used for decorative and devotional purposes.

Medicine Buddha Thangka Thanka Painting
Medicine Buddha Thangka Painting


One of the best among all other handicrafts of Nepal is Cashmere products that are famous all over the world. Pashmina also is known as soft gold has been popular for centuries among the people of Asia and the rest of the world because of its high-quality luxurious wool. Nepal is famous for its finely woven pashmina shawl and Pashmina scarf. These are the highly demanded Nepali handicrafts. Pashmina is a handmade product from wool sheared from mountain goats. You can easily find this indigenous handicraft in Kathmandu.



Jewellery is another traditional product of Nepal. These handmade products are made by skilled craftsmen who reflect the traditional arts and culture of Nepal. Jewellery making is a traditional skill passed down from generation to generation. There are many stores that sell silver pieces of jewellery in Nepal and most of the stores belong to Shakyas and Bajracharyas.  These clans have preserved the tradition of crafting exquisite jewellery down the ages. You can find varieties of jewellery like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and many more.

Paper products

Nepali paper products are well known in foreign markets. Nepali paper is made from handmade Lokta and is fully resistant to moths. You can find various handmade papers like postcards, notebooks, papers, sticks, calendars, gift boxes, etc. to take as a token of love to your loved ones from Nepal.

Metal crafts

Metal crafts are undoubtedly the most popular Nepalese handicraft. These metal crafts are made by members of the Tamrakar community. You can find metal crafts in different varieties like the metal statues of Buddha, Ganesha, Shiva and various Hindu and Buddhist deities and also utilitarian utensils. These handicrafts are made of copper and silver. These metal products are produced mainly by household units in Lalitpur.

This method of casting is done by preparing a wax model, covering it with varieties of clay. The final product obtained from such wax casting is very rough, which is then made smooth and precise by chiselling the rough edges. This rough image is then made smooth and made precise by chiselling. The process is complicated and requires the skilful hands of a craftsperson.

Kukuri/the Gurkha Knife

Kukuri in Nepal is a deadly weapon and a useful tool for the people of Nepal. Basically, it is a type of handmade knife made by the experienced hands of the blacksmith. The weapon carries a lot of historical significance. Gurkha soldiers, the most ruthless and bravest fighters in history have conquered many wars with the help of this powerful combat weapon. To this day, the Gurkha soldier must carry a Kukri before going for a battle.

Dhankute wooden handle kukri

Making a genuine Gurkha Kukri Knife is not as easy as it seems. It requires a highly skilled and experienced craftsman with a lot of patience and perseverance. This is the reason why it is the most expensive traditional product of Nepal as compared to other Nepali products. For collectors, the Kukri has an outstanding significant value because of its unique design and shiny curvature.

Hemp Products

Hemp products are another equally sought after handicraft product in Nepal.  The fibres present in the plant are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. Varieties of items such as bags, hats, laces, belts, slippers, and clothing can be prepared from the hemp plant. These products are inexpensive and could be used for your daily activities. These bestselling hemp products in Nepal could serve as a unique item to gift your loved ones.

Nepali Rug Carpet

Handmade Nepali Rugs Carpets rank 2nd in terms of exporting items from Nepal. It is an old tradition to weave carpets in Nepal, especially in the mountainous region of the country to protect against the cold in the region. The development of an export quality carpet was initiated with the arrival of Tibetan refugees from Tibet. The year 1960 can be regarded as the historic year for the commercial production of the carpet in the kingdom of Nepal.

Nepali Rug Carpet 60 knots

Dhaka Products

Nepali Dhaka is one of the handmade fabrics that is becoming more and more popular with shoppers. It is an intricate traditional hand-woven material that is valued for its meticulous craftsmanship of natural Dhaka fibres. Beautiful scarves and shawls are often made from Dhaka. This traditional weaving is made by the people in the East Hilly region of Nepal.

Dhaka Crossbody Bag - DCBB10

Clay Potteries

Excavations of Clay products in Nepal, also known as terracotta, were discovered more than two thousand years ago, making them an ancient art form in Nepal. This is obvious, as images of such terracotta can be seen on buildings and monuments around traditional sites in Nepal. The clay products have unique designs and have different forms such as flowerpots, vases, lamps, water pots and many other shapes. The clay pottery making process is a complicated process. Hence, it demands the experienced craftsperson to make a beautiful piece of clay product.


Although being a small nation, Nepal is rich in cultural diversity and has a lot of variety of arts and handicrafts to offer. Above mentioned products are some of the bestselling handicrafts that have not only found eager markets abroad but are also in increasing demand within the country itself. On the other hand, the Handicraft industry also provides employment to thousands and help to strengthen the economy of the country.