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How to Choose a Singing Bowl ?

How to choose a singing bowl

Are you thinking of buying a singing bowl that is original? You are lucky enough to come to the right spot. Before we sell this simple-looking item to you but full of significance, we would like you to go through this post that has been adored by our international clients. You will learn the tips […]

9 Types of Tibetan Singing Bowl and Their Unique Feature

9 Types of Tibetan Singing Bowl and Their Unique Feature

The Tibetan Singing Bowl is one of the well-known Buddhist ritual items. It’s also known as the “Himalayan” Singing Bowl. It’s in a bowl shape. The singing bowl is a traditional musical instrument of Buddhist that creates an auspicious sound or vibration. The vibration and sound are formed by friction. The sound is produced by […]

7 handicraft items to buy when visiting Nepal

Nepali handicraft and art products

Nepal is a backward country economically, at the same time; it is Shangri La nature-wise, and it is also a synonym to the Himalayan Ranges. The Himalayan Ranges have become a natural borderline between her and Dragon. Some Indian media use this term to associate China and its culture. On the other hand, Nepal is […]

Top 15 Buddhist Ritual Items

Buddhist Ritual Items

Buddhism was founded by Lord Gautam Buddha. It’s the fourth biggest religion in the world is Buddhism. This religion is mostly followed in Asia. Buddhism is an insight into the actual essence of the truth and spiritual creation. In Buddhism, the “Buddha” stands for “enlightened”. Buddhist rituals such as meditation are ways of transforming yourself […]

Crystal Singing Bowls: The Complete Guide For 2021

Crystal Singing Bowls: The Complete Guide For 2021

This is a complete guide to crystal singing bowls. In this article, we will discuss everything about Crystal singing bowls like the Introduction of crystal singing bowls, their origin and history, the Importance and benefits of the singing bowl,s and many more. So, without any further delay, let’s begin the journey. Introduction Sound healing, also […]