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10 interesting facts about Handicrafts of Nepal

Handicrafts of Nepal

Nepalese handicrafts portray the oldest civilization in the world. They are made in connection to various cultures, traditions, ethnicities and a unique way of life. Handicrafts of Nepal are an important thing because of the creativity, dignity, culture, tradition and exceptional skills of the artisans. It is a fact that Nepal has a wide and […]

9 Handicrafts Of Nepal That Make Perfect Souvenirs

Felt ball for souvenir

Whenever we visit new countries/ places, we think of getting something affordable from that specific place as a souvenir to our dear ones. Nepal is very rich in handicraft production, which allows tourists to select souvenirs from various varieties. Many handicrafts in Nepal are usually related to some cultures and traditions, which hold more value. […]

Best Handicrafts Products in Nepal You Can Buy in 2021

Best Handicrafts Products in Nepal You Can Buy in 2021

Nepal is one of the few countries to preserve its ancient traditional arts and architecture to date. It was once the destination of traditional arts and architecture, and to this day, a lot of art and craft of Nepal remain intact. Nepalese art has always been able to touch the pulse of people from all […]