9 Handicrafts Of Nepal That Make Perfect Souvenirs

Felt ball for souvenir


Whenever we visit new countries/ places, we think of getting something affordable from that specific place as a souvenir to our dear ones. Nepal is very rich in handicraft production, which allows tourists to select souvenirs from various varieties. Many handicrafts in Nepal are usually related to some cultures and traditions, which hold more value. Handicraft businesses have been growing, which also supports local craftsmen and the local economy.

For the tourists visiting Nepal, there is a wide range of handicrafts items available in the country, making wonderful souvenirs and memories after getting back to their homeland. 

Thangka Paintings 

Perfect Souvenirs - Thangka Painting
Perfect Souvenirs – Thangka Painting

Thangka is a religious painting that is usually popular in Tibetan Buddhist culture. It is also adored by people all over the world. Thangka paintings are made with delicate items therefore,  keeping them away from moisture is very important. There are various Thangka paintings available that have different meanings. For instance, some Thangkas are a symbol of enlightenment; some have value to get victory over things and so on. Thangka paintings portray a Buddhist divinity or a scene. It also serves as an important learning tool among monks. There is no doubt that your dear ones would feel special to receive such a divine piece as a souvenir.


Metal Statues 



Amitabha Buddha - Perfect Souvenir
Amitabha Buddha – Perfect Souvenir

Metal statues are artwork and many people all around mostly cherish this kind of art. A metal statue could take up to 6 months to mold and carve while numerous people have to work on it. Sculpturing the metal to make statues is not an easy task, and for this reason, it gets more appreciation in the world of art. Nepali handicraft market offers Buddhist and Hindu deities’ statues in the market that could be sweet as well as a bold souvenir to your dear ones. 


Gurkha Khukuri Knife 

Khukuri - Perfect Souvenir
Khukuri – Perfect for Souvenir

The Gurkha Kukri Knife, which is also known as a Khukuri, is a traditional machete used as both a utility and weapon in Gurkha culture. Khukuri is an elegant example of craftsmanship in Nepalese handicrafts. Nepalese Gurkhas used to carry Khukuri when stepping into a battle which is the reason it holds great value and Nepalese people take this as a possession. It is also a national knife of Nepal that has multiple uses such as chopping, slashing, and so used in other ritual purposes. It is very simple to use and very convenient to carry in your bag. Although the usual Khukuris have sharp blades, the Khukuris that shops sell for souvenir purposes are usually blunt which are suitable to carry as a souvenir. 


Singing Bowls

Souvenir Singing Bowl
Singing Bowl as Souvenir

Singing bowls are sound-producing bowls that produce different sounds and tones. The singing bowls are made with different materials which produce sounds accordingly. The vibrating sound from the singing bowl is perfect for healing purposes and relaxation as well as to meditate.  It heals pain through its vibrating sound. It creates a harmonic vibration when producing sound. These bowls create an enchanting frequency that is useful in many rituals in the Nepalese community. It is also popular among the European nations. Singing bowls can be an amazing souvenir if you are into meditation or want to experience a soothing sound.  


Felt Ball Products

Felt ball for souvenir
Felt ball as a Souvenir

Felt is a textile substance made by squeezing together threads. It can be used for a variety of purposes due to its unique cushioning characteristics. Felt products are fire-resistant and self-extinguishing, as well as sound-absorbing. Felt can hold a lot of liquid without getting wet, which is one of the reasons why felt carpets are so popular. Many different industries from automobiles to musical instruments, casinos and home construction use Felt. The Felt products are used as a vibration damper, air filter, cushioning, and padding for moving machinery. The use of Felt products in the arts and crafts industries is very common. It would also definitely be a great souvenir from Nepal for yourself or your nearby ones.


Nepali Dhaka Products

Nepali Dhaka Souvenir
Nepali Dhaka as Souvenir


 Dhaka is a sophisticated hand-woven traditional material that usually gets an appreciation for its artful handwork. It is made from natural fabrics and is also considered a national symbol. It is very familiar among the Nepalese people and is usually worn in every season with different styles. Different items such as Dhaka caps, waistcoats, shawls, and scarves are common among the Nepalese community. Nepali Dhaka products be used to make different designer dresses as well. It is available in different vibrant colors with modern designs, which would give you an authentic feel when worn. We have tote bags, clutches, and crossbody bags made from Dhaka, which your family would love to get such amazing things as souvenirs from Nepal. 


Pashmina or Cashmere – A perfect Souvneir 

Cashmere Silk Mixed Maroon Shawl
Pashmina Silk

Another finest craftsmanship from Nepal is Pashmina which is also known as Cashmere. Pashmina is made from the fibers that are extracted from the Himalayan domestic goats called Chyangra (Capra Hircus). The fibers are taken out from the underbelly wool, which is collected to make woven items such as shawls, scarves, sweaters, etc. There are varieties of shawls available made from Pashmina. Items such as tops, sweaters, and cardigans are popular products made from Pashmina. These soft feeling items could be generous gifts while visiting Nepal.



Buddhist Ritual Items

Buddhist Worshiping Items
Items for Buddhist Rituals, Nomad

Whether you are Buddhist or not, you may certainly like items related to Buddhism. These items convey different aspects of the belief system present in the Buddhist religion. Buddhist ritual items are connected to spirituality and are believed to invite good luck, prosperity, and fortune consistently in life. These items come in various shapes, sizes, textures, colors of rare metals and stone. Buddha statues, Meditation cushions, Buddha prayer flags, Tingsha cymbals, Incense burner, Wrist mala, Tibetan singing bowl, Thangka painting are some of the Buddhist ritual items that you could bring home during your visit to Nepal. 


Nepali Musical Instruments

Nepali Musical Instrument, Madal
Nepali Musical Instrument, Madal

Nepal has enormous numbers of musical instruments, and some of them are connected to specific religions as well. The country is also rich in varieties of music related to over 120 ethnic groups, each with its own set of instruments. The folk instrumental music is quite familiar among the tourists as well as what they seem to be enjoying during their trip to Nepal. Nepalese people love to play these authentic musical instruments for different ceremonies and events, be it formal or casual. If you are a music enthusiast, Nepali musical instruments such as Flute, Sarangi, Jhyali, Madal, Sitar would be a great treat to yourself or your family.