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Felt is a textile material produced by compressing fibers together. Since it consists of special cushiony properties, it can be used for multiple purposes. A felt product is fire-retardant and self-extinguishing, and they absorb sound as well. Felt can hold a large amount of fluid without feeling wet, which is one reason why felt carpets are high in demand. 

Uses of felt are limitless. From automotive industries and musical instruments to casinos and home construction, felt is one of the most important handicraft products from our offerings. Mostly used in arts and crafts, felt products are used in industries as a vibration damper, to filter the air, and cushioning and padding for moving machinery. Framing paintings is yet another usage of felt. It acts as a protective layer between the mount and the picture itself.

Puppets are yet another example. Felt can be used to make small figures or cutouts for storytelling to children. Puppets and dolls were most popular during the nineteenth century. However, they are still useful to produce harmless toys for children. Since it is safer than most clothing materials, felt can be seen being used for fashion props as well. Products like gentlemen’s top hats were popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Earlier in the 20th century, felt were used for fedoras, trilbies, and homburgs worn by men from the western world. 

At Yuna Handicrafts, you have the option to pick from our wide range of felt products produced in Nepal. The products showcased here are made from high-quality wool brought specially from New Zealand. Fairtrade and sustainable approach being two of our main principles, all our products are 100% handmade and genuine. 

Our hardworking and skilled artisan put their all in to make the products for customers from all over the world. Besides a 100% handmade guarantee, we offer all sorts of designs and colors. 

Although their various colors to pick from, all of them are brought to life from a natural dye and do not harm personal health in any way. Our products include Felt Balls, Felt Ball Rug, Felt Cat Cave, Felt Indoor Slippers/Shoes, Felt Ball Seat Pad, and more. 

Explore our wide range of 100% handmade felt products. 

All our felt products are produced in Nepal from high-quality wool from New Zealand. They are 100% handmade under fair trade and sustainable approach. These felt balls are free from any harmful chemicals or any other toxins. They all are coloured from a natural dye that is eco friendly and does not harm personal health.

We offer various kinds of felt products like Felt Balls, Felt Ball Rug, Felt Cat Cave, Felt Indoor Slippers/Shoes, Felt Ball Seat Pad, and many more.