Why Tourists In Nepal Are Fascinated By The Khukuri?

Why Tourists In Nepal Are Fascinated By The Khukuri?


Khukuri is a curved sword or machete having a broad blade mainly used by the Gorkhali Army (or the Gurkhas). Khukuris are used as a traditional weapon and a daily-use tool in many parts of South Asia, especially Nepal. The national weapon of Nepal, Khukuri, is used by the Nepali army from all over the world. Khukuri is mainly designed for chopping, and the curved shape and edge make an excellent effort to create a fine cut.

Thousands of tourists visit Nepal every year to visit the fantastic Himalayas, religious and cultural sites, breathtaking natural beauty, and ultimately find inner peace. Although Nepal is famous for its culture, religious beliefs, mountains, and temples, many tourists are attracted by the legends of Khukuri and the Gorkhali Army and khukuri is also one of the best handicrafts products in Nepal.

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Khukuri is a traditional machete carried and used by the Gurkhas during the war or battle. Traditionally crafted by skilled blacksmiths of Nepal, the Kamis(or Bishwakarmas), it has been common for other makers to develop and sell the famous Khukuri. It also has an essential use in the daily life of Nepali people who depend on farming. Khukuri are also used during an adventurous journey in cutting woods, slitting the obstacles, protecting, and other various works.

Khukuri is an excellent symbol for the people of Nepal, and everyone respects its possession. The emblem of Khukuri is present on different flags, logos, and other uniforms of soldiers. There was a belief that once a Khukuri is unsheathed from the sheats, it should not be put without drawing blood. This resembles the importance of Khukuri in every combat the Gurkhas have ever been a part of to date.

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Khukuri is a national weapon of Nepal and used as a symbol of warrior spirit and as a utility tool for daily use. The possession of a Khukuri is higher than any other wealth like cars or houses. There is an excellent value of Khukuri as no soldier ever steps on a battlefield without a Khukuri, which made every army that faced the Gorkhali fear and respected them.

Khukuris are used in traditional ceremonies in modern times where the groom carries one on his waist. It is also used while offering animals and birds in different ritual beliefs of various cultures of Nepal as Khukuri is considered a sacred weapon. There is a belief that keeping a Khukuri in your house helps to provide fortune and remove any danger existing there.

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