7 handicraft items to buy when visiting Nepal

Nepali handicraft and art products


Nepal is a backward country economically, at the same time; it is Shangri La nature-wise, and it is also a synonym to the Himalayan Ranges. The Himalayan Ranges have become a natural borderline between her and Dragon. Some Indian media use this term to associate China and its culture. On the other hand, Nepal is a Hindu country, a democratic country, where side by side other religions exist, with the introduction to Christianity recently. Some of these religions are not only following the practices for humankind strictly but also contributing indirectly to the economic development of Nepal with their influence in exportable items, like Thangka, Healing Bowl, Printed-T Shirts, Khukuri, etc. These handicraft products have altered the picture of Nepal internationally, and they have become the favorite souvenirs for trekkers and Hindu pilgrims.

As you keep them in a place where they deserve, they tell you about Nepal less but more about its art and culture in a simple way. The saddest thing is Nepal is a Third World Country but produces the world’s unique souvenirs. So, what are these souvenirs that you should know about before buying at the foot of the Himalayas, Nepal?


Buddhist Thangka Painting

It is a time to respect the Buddhist Thangka painting, the religion of peace and love. Thangka is a Tibetan word, and it is also a religious word and shows the connection between you and the gods. The Thangka painting makes you happy because you see the Lord Buddha in a meditative position. Look at his face, look at his fingers; each of these gives you peace of mind. There are also Thangkas of other Buddhist gods, and each Thangka maker blesses the backsides of Thangkas by writing the mantras.

Healing Bowl or Singing Bowl

In the eleventh century in Nepal, people used this bowl to heal diseases, but between the eleventh century and the twentieth century, we don’t see this bowl as a part of peoples’ life. Again in the middle of the twenty-first century, people knew its significance and started producing it. By hammering a mixture of metals millions of times, the healing bowl comes into its real form and shape. Buy a hand-made bowl instead of a machine-made one. As you already know, the West has started using sound as a healing medium, similarly, the people have listed singing bowls to cure diseases like depression, blood pressure, and back pain.

Pashmina Shawls with 30% Silk and with 70% Capra Hircus Fur

Their ingredients come from the Himalayas. The shawls made from these ingredients are the softest as well as the warmest. They are also the coolest in the summertime. So, what you are buying is a natural insulator as well as fur that people would like to call a diamond. There are also pashmina scarves and pashmina sweaters.

Printed T-Shirts

They are available with the pictures of Lord Buddha, Bhairav, Mandalas, and Pashupatinath and are available in cotton, hemp, and bamboo. Each of these is related to Hinduism and Buddhism and is popular among Nepalese living abroad. You can buy them if and when you come to Nepal. Overall, they represent the Nepali culture and are good for your skin because they are organic. These shawls are within your budget range.

Hemp Clothing, Bags, and Wallet

They keep your body cool in the summertime, and they are very soft. If you buy a brown-colored hemp bag, you have bought an original hemp product that is chemically free. Hemp is environmentally friendly, and the hemp wallet can be a unique gift. Also, hemp is anti-bacterial, so you can wear a hemp mask to fight against Covid. There are also hemp papers and hemp paper bags.


Khukuri is a weapon that Gurkha soldiers have been using since the First World War. It can even cut bamboo, the most effective cut weapon. It is made by beating iron to have a steel-like shine. For a person who loves to collect weapons as souvenirs, there are different types of Khukuris like Bhojpure, Chitlange, Chainpure, Dharane, and Dhankute available under one roof.

Tibetan Handmade Carpets in Nepal

They are available with different eye-catching designs like Coin rug, Flower rug, Dragon rug, Phoenix rug, Tiger rug, Antique rug, Royal rug, Runner rug, Car rug, Jeep rug, Saddle rug, Children rug, Striped rug, and Meditation rug. You can customize them with your design, color, shape, and size. Some companies offer free shipping worldwide. The carpets are hand-woven and durable.

Besides the handicraft items mentioned above, Nepal is also famous for other items made of clay, copper, wool, wood, and plastic. To buy these items, you don’t have to think twice. You can buy some of them in Kathmandu and some in Lalitpur.

Some Handicraft Products that are Available in Nepal Cheat your Eyes

Cashmere Shawls

We use the fur of the mountain goat neck to make them. When you buy a fake cashmere shawl, it is shiny because it constitutes linen and silk. On the other hand, the real cashmere shawl looks dull and flat. In comparison to fake ones, they are super light and super warm.

Bronze Plate

If you eat on this plate, it would be good for your health; this is what the Ayurveda says. When you buy this plate in a shop, say yes to the shopkeeper only after hearing the resonating sound from it. If it is not original, then in the course of time, it will lose its luster, and it is also subject to corrosion.


If you want to buy a North Face Jacket, if you don’t have the knowledge of it, regarding zipper, size, weight, pocket-size, and material, then don’t try to be Mr. Know All on a counterfeit North Face Jacket made in Nepal. You can buy a fake North Face Jacket for USD 20. But you can wear it during trekking because it would keep your body warm.

If the fake North Face Jacket can keep you warm, then there is also an outlet, which sells a real North Face Jacket in Kathmandu. If there are fake bronze plates and cashmere shawls, then there are also shops, which sell the real ones; the only thing is you must know the differentiation.