Crystal Singing Bowls: The Complete Guide For 2021

Crystal Singing Bowls: The Complete Guide For 2021


This is a complete guide to crystal singing bowls. In this article, we will discuss everything about Crystal singing bowls like the Introduction of crystal singing bowls, their origin and history, the Importance and benefits of the singing bowl,s and many more. So, without any further delay, let’s begin the journey.


Sound healing, also known as sound therapy is an age-old therapy practiced to heal our body, The idea of ​​sound therapy is based on the idea that each part of our body creates its own vibration that has a certain resonance. In other words, vibrational healing is based on the idea that everything in the universe, including our body, is in a state of vibration. Since ancient times, sound healing has been used in various cultures. This has resulted in the creation of various ancient instruments like Tibetan bowls, Bells, Chimes, Rin Gongs, Crystal Bowls, and Conch that are used in modern-day healing therapy.

At any point in time, when your body is out of equilibrium, diseases can result. This disease is brought about by blockage which prevents the organ being referred to from vibrating at its Normal frequency. When a sound wave is passed into the dis-eased area, correct harmonic patterns are restored and that diseased area starts healing. Sound therapy works by sending sound waves all through your body, which heals through oscillation and resonance. This reestablishes your body’s equilibrium state which helps to balance your energy field and heal your body.

crystal singing bowls

Singing bowls are regularly used throughout sound therapy. One kind of bowl commonly used in such a manner is crystal singing bowls, which are otherwise called quartz singing bowls. There are a lot of specialists who believe that the utilization of these bowls in sound therapy can have a hugely beneficial impact on your holistic health when combined with positive affirmations in the form of mantras and chants.

One reason for the utilization of glass singing bowls is the conviction that our bodies are made of translucent crystalline structures. Thus, it is accepted that these types of singing bowls essentially influence all the organs and cells of your body. Furthermore, some health professionals accept that your brainwave frequency and state of awareness can be charged by the vibrations that are made during singing bowl mediation.

In this article, we will discuss crystal singing bowls alongside their history and origin. We will also discuss how these type of singing bowls are made, their health benefits, and will discuss in-depth how to use them to reap the maximum out of them. We will at that point talk about the healing properties of crystal singing bowls, how much sound bowls can assist you with your physical and mental wellbeing, and things to remember while using such singing bowls. We will then, conclude by contrasting singing bowls with Tibetan singing bowls.

What is a Crystal Singing Bowl?

Crystal singing bowls are made of unadulterated quartz crystals and silica in a turning mold by heating the mixture to around 4000 degrees. These bowls are specially designed to create a particular note to line up with your particular energy chakra. Crystal singing bowls are made in an assortment of sizes going from 5 to 24 inches. They are commonly lighter and can be played easily while holding in your hand. During the making of crystal singing bowls, they can be modified to make explicit sounds using digital technology, contingent upon individual requirements.

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The body has a characteristic partiality to quartz. On a sub-atomic level, our cells contain silica, which adjusts our electromagnetic energies. The crystal acts as an oscillator, amplifying, and communicating the pure tone. As the sound influences brainwave action, one can go into an improved state of awareness. It is accepted that crystal bowls produce a vibrational sound that resounds with the chakra of your body. A pure crystal bowl therapy is said to help rebalance your body to ideal wellbeing. This treatment is accepted to communicate energy to your aura and influence your brain wave movement, supporting an improved state of consciousness.

The notes of the crystal bowls are designed in such a way that it corresponds to the specific vibrational frequencies of our body. When the sound travels through the atmosphere and comes in contact with us, it makes our cells move in different directions at a different speed, in rhythm with the sound wave. This places us in harmony with the sound wave. The sound penetrates into our very cells and rebalances them through resonance. Research papers have shown that sounds produced from crystal bowls directly affect the mental processes, muscles, nervous system, digestive system, and circulatory system.

crystal singing bowls

History and Origin of Crystal Singing Bowls

Singing bowls came into existence in the ancient time of Buddhism. It is accepted that singing bowls were an essential piece of this religion. Despite these inceptions, sound treatment has traversed numerous religions and societies throughout their history. Our ancestors made singing bowls utilizing various metals like copper, zinc, iron, and hints of gold and silver. These bowls are known as Tibetan singing bowls or Himalayan bowls. Crystal singing bowls are not different, but an improvement of the ancient singing bowl and have been utilized since the 1980s.

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While metal bowls are still in practice, modern technology has invented crystal singing bowls, which require complex manufacturing processes. Today, many alternative health practitioners believe that pure quartz crystals promote the overall health of our bodies.  As a result, a lot of people wish to benefit from what are believed to be the properties of healing crystals.

Today, the crystal singing bowls are overriding the conventional singing bowls, due not exclusively to their stylish variety but to their alchemy. It is accepted by numerous clients that the sounds produced from the crystal singing bowl saturate the human body better since it is made of minerals that are similar to our own bodies which contain water and a crystalline composition in our bones. The sound generated from the crystal bowl effectively penetrates the human body as compared to that of the metal bowl since the human body itself contains very little metal.

How Crystal Singing Bowls are Made

Crystal bowls are made from highly purified quartz powder (99.9 percent silicon quartz) by fusing together at an extreme temperature of 4000 degrees, which is a temperature at which most impurities are destroyed. Quartz produces a pure tone and also contains the full spectrum of light and relates to the seven chakras in the human body. When played correctly, crystal singing bowls produce a measurable sound wave pattern similar to alpha waves of the brain and heal the listener by bringing this pure full-spectrum light, in the form of sound, back into the human aura.

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Various manufacturing techniques are used for various types of quartz singing bowls. For instance, to make frosted bowls, the form is spun into shape, while to make clear bowls, quartz tubing is utilized. Singing bowls may likewise be produced utilizing various types of quartz. For instance, rose quartz singing bowls are a well-known variety. At the time of manufacturing, each bowl is calibrated to an exact thickness so that every bowl has a specific frequency and tone. This process of quartz fusion creates a singing crystal bowl of absolute quality.

During the manufacturing phase, it is critical to consider the tone of the sound that will be created by the final result. Frosted bowls have an octave higher tone as compared to clear quartz singing bowls. Every quartz singing bowl is carefully coordinated to the musical scale – C, D, E, F, G, A, B – which relates with seven different chakras of our body. Each note corresponds to human body energy centers (chakras). The vibration of a particular sound attempts to open the blockages, one may experience in a particular body part. Bigger singing bowls produce a deeper sound whereas smaller bowls generate a higher pitch which activates higher chakras and resonates more with the spiritual aspect. 

Crystal singing bowls can be clear, frosted, Empyrean, Handle, or a mix of different types of gemstones like amethyst, rose quartz, celestite, citrine, and other valuable precious stones. There are several gemstones or mineral blends that are utilized to make a singing bowl. The more common variety of crystal singing bowls are frosted, which are individually tuned to emit a specific frequency. These kinds of bowls are the biggest, heaviest, and loudest of the quartz singing bowls available in the market. They give the most vibration in light of their thickness and size, which allows them to sustain a lot of vibration. Frosted singing bowls are also affordable.

Some crystal singing bowls are small and can easily be played by hand, but medium and large size bowls are generally positioned on a base ring. The Original crystal singing bowls are made of pure quartz. Quartz is a finer vibrational material that is utilized in most of our transmitting technologies today. Human bodies are ideal receptors, our cell membranes, tissues, and organs react well to the external stimulus of the sound produced from quartz crystals. Since the human body comprises 60-75% water, it is permeated by quartz crystal vibrations positively.

What Makes Quartz Singing Bowls so special

Each cell in the human body has a crystalline structure. This assists your body with reverberating the frequencies of quartz crystals. Since quartz bowls can line up with your chakra, they are generally utilized and viewed as viable singing bowls. They can likewise deliver the purest sounds, which can be ideal for meditation and sound healing. Clear quartz singing bowls contain seven rainbow colors that stimulate seven energy places or chakras of your body. This sound healing process grows your awareness and positively affects your consciousness, adjusting yourself to your actual, unique self. It also balances the electromagnetic field of your body during meditation.

Crystal singing bowls are the best healing instrument as compared to other metal singing bowls on the hypothesis that metal is unfamiliar to the human body. Additionally, crystal singing bowls are designed in such a way that it matches the natural frequency in our body. This is why crystal singing bowls have significant importance in modern-day sound therapy.

Chakras and Colors

Chakras can be alluded to as energy centers of the body. There are various chakras and practices relating to them. Each chakra has unique components and corresponds with a specific tone of the musical scale and colors. The notes of the singing bowls relate to each of the critical chakras of your body. Keeping these chakras in balance brings wellness.

The Crown Chakra lies at the top of our head, has a Violet shade and the musical note B. The 3rd Eye or Pineal chakra lies in the center of the forehead, has a darker blue shade, and the musical note A or A#. The Heart chakra lies in the center of the chest has a green shade and the musical note is F or F#.

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The Solar Plexus chakra lies midway in between the end of the breastbone and the navel.  It has a yellow shade and the musical note E. The Sacral chakra and the Sexual chakra lies in the area between the navel and the pubic bone.  Orange is the shade of sacral chakra and the musical note is D and D#. The Root chakra lies at the base of the spinal column. It has a red shade and its musical note is C and C#. The Throat Chakra and Zeal Chakras lie in the base of the throat. They have a lighter blue color and the musical note for them is G and G#.

To examine the imbalance in your body, you may take a chakra test or have your chakra inspected by a professional chakra healer. When you know about your aura and have assessed your imbalances and blockages, you can pick a crystal singing bowl that is precisely tuned to the chakra frequency or purchase a set of bowls to balance all chakras. The sound frequencies produced from the crystal bowl are projected onto the imbalanced area, and the imbalanced chakra can be restored to its natural frequency.

Below is the outline that outline shows, each chakra, and related organ has its own frequency that can be reached through the harmonies of the tuned singing bowl.

Crown ChakraVioletB#
Pineal/ third Eye ChakraDark BlueA#
Throat ChakraBlueG#
Thymus ChakraTurquoisF#
Heart ChakraGreenF#
Solar Plexus ChakraYellowE#
Sacral ChakraOrangeD#
Root ChakraRedC#

How to Play Crystal Singing Bowls

Playing a sound bowl is a rewarding activity that helps quick healing. It is also used in meditation practice. Crystals have living energy which, when matched with your energy field can make you calm and relaxed. Also, it relieves you of your physical ailment. This is the reason why crystal singing bowl therapy is known as a treatment without medication.

Steps to play:

»Position the singing bowl in the focal point of its elastic ring. This assists with keeping the bowl still so that singing the bowl won’t spin. It additionally shields your bowl from contacting whatever surface you have it on, allowing it to completely resonate.

»To play frosted singing bowls, hold the suede-covered striker as you would hold a pen. Place the striker in such a way that it is perpendicular to your arm.

» Gently run your striker on the outside rim with firm pressure, it will start to resonate. If you fail to apply firm pressure evenly, you will get harsh high tones. Make sure you are applying the right pressure and also not singing too quickly if you want to get the desired sound. The bowls are used to produce soft and soothing sounds to ease your mind. So play it calmly, and slowly.

» Additionally, if you are fond of playing many bowls at once, make sure you keep them at least a foot apart. Not only will this make singing them easier, but it will also prevent your bowls from hitting one another. Also, it prevents shattering or breakage due to intense vibrations or harmonic overtones.

»Practice is the most ideal approach to learn control of tone and volume. With continued training, the playing will be natural and effective.

Health Benefits of Crystal Singing Bowls

Our ancestors have used sound and music as ground-breaking healers for a hundred years. They believed that the powerful natural resonance can adjust any irregularity influencing our physical or mental wellbeing. In view of this idea, Crystal bowl sound therapy balances our energy field and rejuvenates our auric field. Crystal bowls are designed in such a way that the sound produced resonates with a specific chakra. These dishes are additionally satisfying to take a gander at and lovely to tune in to. They are used in sound healing and especially at the beginning and end of meditation. Crystal singing bowls are useful assets that enhance your physical and mental wellbeing.

Some of the healing properties of these bowls include the following:

»Clears your mind to increase positive intentions.

»Significantly reduces stress and anxiety

»Relieves physical pain

»Stimulates the immune system

»Lowers blood pressure and anger

»Helps to calm overactive adrenals

»Increases mental and emotional clarity

Who can get the benefits of Crystal Singing Bowl Therapy?

Everyone can enjoy the miraculous benefits of these singing bowls’ sound therapy. Some of the benefits of crystal singing bowl therapy include:

 » People who are attempting to achieve complete relaxation of your mind.

»Those who want to take their meditation and yoga practice to a whole different level.

»Those who are seeking to balance the chakra or energy centers of their body.

Tips for Choosing Your Crystal Singing Bowl

While some pick their tones depending on personal preference, others ordinarily choose sound bowls that are designed to heal a specific ailment, organ, and chakra. Individuals have diverse class preferences, it is keenly so for singing bowls. Crystal singing bowls are available in an assortment of sizes, shapes, tones, and tones, and some are available with embedded stones on them.  The most effortless path is to pick your bowl is to go for the one that feels right to you. You can do this by making the bowl sing and try connecting with them physically. You can likewise tune in to sound clips to get a feeling of how it feels. Allow your instinct to assist you in choosing the bowl. After you pick the tone that connects with you, at that point consider the various sizes and weights of that singing bowl.

It is quite important to monitor and control your thoughts while playing your crystal singing bowl. Your manner of thinking can influence sound. You can experience the incredible healing effect of these dishes when utilized purposely and with a goal. According to the height and thickness, the tone or note of a crystal singing bowl varies. So, make sure you consider the pitch variation and choose your instrument wisely.


»Never pick the crystal bowl by its rim because this puts a strain on the bowl that could potentially damage it.

»Do not place your head inside a crystal bowl while playing it.

»Do not play the singing bowl too loudly, high volumes and maximum vibrations are damaging to all crystal bowls.

»Do not play the bowl near you or any other head.

»Always place bowls at least 12 inches apart, or the vibration may shatter a bowl.

»Bowls may also shatter if several bowls are playing in a small room.

»Do not expose your bowl to extreme temperatures and avoid playing in extreme temperatures.

»Always use distilled water with a 10% solution of a mild detergent to keep your bowl clean. Using a concentrated detergent solution might damage your singing bowl.

»Always use a carrying case to store and transport Quartz crystal to avoid any damage to it.

»Pregnant women should not use singing bowls because the vibrations may have negative effects.

»If you have epilepsy, avoid this therapy because the music and vibrations can both cause seizures.

 »Keep in mind that no medical claims are made about the use of crystal bowls to replace the need for medical advice.

»If you experience any health problems, consult your regular physician.

Crystal Singing Bowls vs. Tibetan Singing Bowls

Today, most of us argue that in case you’re searching for the best singing bowls to purchase, grab a crystal set. Traditionally, however, Tibetan Singing Bowls were metal. So, who wins the contest of crystal VS metal singing bowl? The argument is that the sounds produced by the traditional metal bowls do not penetrate the body to the same extent as crystal ones because the human body comprises mostly of water and not metal. Therefore, we naturally tend to respond to the sound of crystal ones because our bodies are crystalline.

Quartz is an exceptionally conductive transmitter.  It’s a similar material that is utilized in a lot of PCs and other techs, on the grounds that it sends power so adequately. What’s more, obviously, power is essential to the proper functioning of human beings. Along these lines, it appears to be obvious that a quartz bell would have a greater amount of impact on us than a metal one.

On top of that, the powerful vibration of crystal bowls has the capacity to pass through your body and communicate with each cell. Your body vibrates at different wavelengths and every body part has its own frequency. Additionally, organs that are healthy are well-tuned and the organs that are not functioning properly have distorted frequency. Crystal singing bowls have the ability to restore such disturbed frequencies by stimulating the ill organs. They also restore the nervous system as compared to traditional Tibetan singing bowls also known as Himalayan bowls.

Also, in my experience, you can often hear the difference between crystal singing bowls and metal ones. So, when we’re examining crystal VS metal singing dishes, it’s quite important to realize that crystal bowls have a better sound quality and are effective for healing, and metal ones are more conventional. It is strange that all Tibetan bells have been made of metal for thousands of years. Then again, even the spiritual field is not immune to evolution. Is this just the future of these healing tools? From now will we be buying all the crystal singing bowls? Either way, the Crystal Chakra Singing Bowl continues to become a powerful healing instrument to balance the seven chakras of our body.


The crystal singing bowls pay great attention to the vitality of the body, mind, and spirit. Your meridian chakras will reap the benefits of a long tradition that has recently been enhanced. They are ideal for simple needs like deep meditation and deeply-rooted causes such as restorative healing. Crystal singing bowls are a scientifically useful and elegantly beautiful addition to one’s health practices. Calm your mind, rejuvenate your body, bring comforting peace to your nervous system and awaken your consciousness to your higher self in a few seconds with the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls