Kalachakra Mandala : More Than Just Art, A Sacred Symbol

Kalachakra Mandala


Kalachakra Mandala Thangka is a means to be at the stage of peace, to know where the problem has come from, to accept the moment of unhappiness, and to know that nothing unwanted will last forever. Sadness is followed by happiness; this is a solution from this mandala.

You have contacted us for Kalachakra Mandala Thangka, and we would like to tell you it is more than this you have heard from your friends, relatives, and advertisements. 

Kalachakra is a compound word made up of two words: Kal and Chakra. And they are used in both Nepali and Hindi, and they mean the same thing: time and wheel.

Most people use the word kal to refer to death in Nepal and India.

If you study Nepali or Hindi grammar, you will come across a topic called Kal.

If it is grammatically translated into English, you get a word called tense which you have studied in your schools, and nowadays, they are even taught in colleges in India.

Kalachakra is also the name of god. 

When you compound Kalachakra with the exceptional work of mandala decoration and a sacred piece of cloth called Thangka, you get Kalachakra Mandala Thangka. But do you know that this mandala is also called the World Peace Mandala?

Kalachakra Symbol

The symbols of Kalachakra take you to the beautiful world of colors. It will not be wrong to call these colors the symbols representing gods, goddesses, outer world, inner world, moon, sun, body, speech, mind, wish-fulfilling trees, wisdom, wealth, lotuses, elephants, palace, 12 animals, intelligence, the elements of earth, like air, water, fire, and earth; the teachings of Lord Buddha, and the Vajra of Kalachakra god. Some of these symbols are hidden under the walls at the center of the mandala.

Although a lotus grows in a dirty place, yet it is looked upon as a sacred thing as well as the cleanest thing not only by Buddhism but also by Hinduism. On a lotus sits both male and female gods, so this symbol indicates feminine power, as well as masculine power and they are looked upon by Dalai Lama and mediators that both male and female are equal in every aspect of life.

Elephants that you don’t see are under the walls and denote strength and power. 

There are circles (the red circle that you see is a protective ring), and there are walls inside the mandala which give a complete shape to the other symbols of Kalachakra, and you have to feel entering the circles as you meditate your mind, as you roll your eyes slowly from the outer circle to the inner circle to the central part or when you have a problem, you have to meditate and imagine yourself coming out of the door of the wall from the center of the mandala to the circle. 


Kalachakra  Mandala Symbol Benefits

As we have already said in the above paragraph, Kalachakra symbols are also the teachings of Lord Buddha, so when you look at this mandala with the purpose of meditation, you can say you are going to balance your mind. You will purify your body as well as your mind, including speech.

Inside the mandala, you will see the mantras written in the Tibetan language. Chant this mantra if you want wisdom, intelligence and the blessings of Kalachakra god and goddess Vishvamata.

Here is a mantra: Om Ham Ksha Ma La Va Ra Ya Sva Ha.

Always pronounce this mantra correctly.

Kalachakra Symbol Protection

Keep a Kalachakra mandala thangka above the main door of your house to ward off the negative energy not only from your body but also from entering inside. It is also believed to protect you from sickness, hunger, natural disaster, and inauspicious dates while traveling or while doing a business, including untimely death. The present Dalai Lama gives emphasis to Kalachakra Mandala for world peace.