Why Khukris make a perfect souvenir?

Khukri as a souvneir


Khukuri is Nepal’s pride and a great souvenir to remember for the wonderful struggles and bravery galore of Nepal’s Gorkhalis. Khukri is a well-known fatal weapon used mostly in the Anglo-Nepal war. Kukuri scabbards are often composed of wood or metal with an animal hide, metal, or wood covering. Furthermore, this weapon represents ferocious courage and triumph over foes. 

Many Nepali people keep Khukuri in their houses as souvenirs and status symbols. The bridegroom of Kshetri, Thakuri, Rajput, and Khas caste marriage ceremonies must wear a unique Kothimoda Khukri with his bridal outfit. The scabbards of this kind of Khukuri are wrapped in silver and crimson velvet material.

Khukri as a souvneir
Nepali Khukri for Gift

Now, let’s dive into our main concern

Why does Khukri make perfect souvenirs?”

Nepal is a land full of beautiful people, culture, and natural beauty. Another thing about Nepal is its courageous history where the old generation, popularly called “Gorkhali Soldiers,”  fought enemies in the Anglo-Nepal war with only Khukuri, swords, catapults, and stones. Their love for the motherland gave them the power to fight with these options while their rivals were equipped with the then modern arms and ammunition. This surely is something Nepalis were, are and will always be proud of. Thus, possessing a Khukuri is something Nepalese people are extremely fond of and they also use Khukuri to gift to their dear ones.

Many Nepali people keep Khukri in their house as a souvenir and luxury possession as Khukuri represents royalty, loyalty and devoted service. Moreover, those Nepalese who live in foreign and tourists from other nations are gifted Khukuri. For Nepalese living foreign, it gives them the feel of still in touch with the nation. In fact, to bring the feeling of being proud Nepali, many people choose to keep and gift Khukuri along with amazing art and handicraft- made in Nepal. To do so, Nepalese men especially put on a lavish-looking khukuri brooch besides wearing a traditional dress. And to make the dear ones feel the power and gain self-confidence besides helping them heal with scientific practices, Nepalese people also gift them the true Gorkhali Khukuri. 

Another thing Khukuri is linked to is driving-off the evil spirits. Now, it is a common belief in Nepali society that if you get disturbed sleep due to some spiritual reasons, you are supposed to put iron-made products under your pillow and sleep. So for this very purpose, people also invest in comparatively handy, iron-made and not-so-decorative Khukuris.

To add more, you can gift your dear ones with Khukuri and at the same time, having it for yourself is a great idea. So, own a Khukuri- real or decorative one- and you can proudly flaunt the power of Gorkhalis and stay brave and focused. 

What kind of Khukri to buy and gift?

The idea of royalty is symbolized by these priceless and decorative Khukuris. Some of the scabbards possess emeralds, colored glass, turquoise or lapis lazuli, and other precious stones. The scabbards for these superior kukris feature gold and silver mountings, whereas most standard scabbards are made of wood, leather or bone. You can either gift the real basic Khukuri or the one with gems and precious metals. In fact, a Khukuri doesn’t have to be that expensive so that you break your bank balance; even the plain khukuri as a souvenir would remind them of how people in the past have struggled through their hardships and why staying brave is crucial.

So, you don’t have to stress out that bad. All you have to ensure is the quality of the authentic Nepali handicraft and black smith’s work while buying Khukuri as a souvenir.

Price of Khukuri

Though the worth of the legacies and history of gallant Gorkhali Khukuri cannot be measured, we can, however, quantify the market price of Khukuri. A Khukuri can cost anywhere from $10(Rs1500) to $500 (Rs 80,000). There are several factors that influence the price of khukuri in Nepal. The first is the material utilized to make it. Cheaper variants of Khukuris AKA “Tourist Khukuri,” are primarily cheaper, but other species with great materials are expensive. Aside from that, the design and artworks, size, and function all have an impact on the volatility of khukuri prices in Nepal.

Where to Buy Khukri in Nepal?

These are families that have been making khukuri for generations. But circumstances have changed, and the ancient skills of making khukuri are at risk of being lost forever. Hence, to conserve this historic Nepalese heritage and ensure good pay for the smiths (Kami), there are many handicraft-related organizations and even NGOs. And one of them is Yuna Handicrafts.

Yuna Handicrafts has put its best foot forward in order to help the smiths and preserve the traditional Gorkhali Khukri. Yuna Handicrafts offers handmade Nepali Kukuri of all types for all-purpose customers. In fact, our best seller 3 Chirra Gurkha is superbly crafted with beautiful lines and with perfect handle. Customers find it with a good weight and design. We are proud to associate the historical and functional Nepalese Khukri knives with our genuine effort to make the customers happy. 


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