Top 10 Corporate Gift Ideas 

How to choose a singing bowl


Giving employees corporate presents is a wise strategy to improve the working relationship between employers and employees. Businesses of all sizes are known for giving gifts to their staff and associates on significant holidays like Christmas, Dashain, and Tihar (the Nepalese festival). Businesses consider it essential to their business to give gifts to partners, clients, and workers without spending a fortune.

Present-day business gifting goes beyond the customary Dashain and Tihar gifts for staff members, customers, and clients. In Nepal and throughout the world, giving gifts to welcome new partners or employees has grown popular. The panorama of corporate gifting now includes welcome gifts, farewell gifts, corporate presents for excellent performance, promotional goods and gifts, among many other things.

The top 10 corporate gift options that you can get from Yuna Handicrafts Nepal are mentioned below. They include welcome gifts, farewell gifts, corporate presents for exceptional performance, promotional goods and gifts, and much more.

1. Metal Statues

Amitabha Buddha - Perfect Souvenir
Metal Statues – Corporate Gift ideas

One of Nepal’s most sophisticated and well-liked forms of art is the metal statue. Art made of metal dates back to the seventh century AD in Nepal. The Kathmandu Valley’s early mastery of metal is largely responsible for its success today. Early on, the Tamrakar, Shakya, and Swarnakar families of Nepal created exquisite metal sculptures using the special lost wax metal sculpting technique. Additionally, they had the means to generate heat powerful enough to melt gold, which brought them great fame and wealth in Tibet and the Himalayan region. Most sculptures were originally made of bronze, but copper has since supplanted it as a material of choice among craftspeople.

The occasions for giving them as gifts include Thanksgiving, Feng Shui, Easter, Anniversaries, Weddings, Valentine’s Day, and Spiritual Lucky Gifts, to name just a few.

2. Singing Bowls

Souvenir Singing Bowl
Singing Bowl as Souvenir

Singing bowls are utilized for sound yoga and other types of healing meditation. They are also frequently referred to as Tibetan Singing Bowls. A singing bowl’s music has therapeutic and healing properties. Even though they have been around for around 2500 years, healing bowls are still in high demand today.

Either iron, copper, zinc, tin, lead, silver, or gold is used to make singing bowls. Every material has a unique tone, so it’s critical to consider the sound when producing. These bowls are created by highly talented artisans using unusual materials and patience. Nepal is where numerous Tibetan Singing Bowls as well as other handcrafted goods were initially produced.

3. Tibetan Thangka Paintings – Best Corporate Gift 

Thangka Paintings as Corporate Gifts
Thangka Paintings for Corporate Gifts

The Wheel of Life, representations of the Buddha’s life, various Buddhist deities, and mandalas can all be found in Tibetan Thangka paintings, an ancient form of Tibetan Buddhism. The requirement that deities be replicated in exact proportions is one of the most unique aspects of Thangkas. It is accepted that gods might take possession of the Thangkas during prayer, hence the artwork must be of the highest quality.

It is generally acknowledged that the sacred art form flourished about 1000 years ago in Tibet as a fusion of Tibetan and Nepalese traditions. Amitabha Buddha is the first Nepalese Thangka picture, which displays surrounded by Bodhisattva.

4. Pashmina or Cashmere

Corporate Gift
Pashina for Corporate Gift

The classic elegance that Pashmina has amassed throughout the years has mesmerized Kings and royal families from all over the world. Pashmina has been incorporated into contemporary fashion and culture in interesting ways by enthusiasts. Despite its widespread use, pashmina is just as rare as any exotic Himalayan goods.

Browse our collection of exquisite scarves and shawls  for the gifts handcrafted by some of our most beloved craftsmen. High-quality sweaters, mufflers, ponchos, and other items are also available. The warmth and lightness of pashmina make them ideal for winter. It can be used as a wrap over a jacket, a muffler around the neck, or even in place of a jacket.

All of the items from Yuna Handicrafts go through a thorough authenticity check and are reasonably priced for gift-giving.

5. Felt Ball Products

Felt ball for souvenir
Felt ball Products for gifts

As a corporate gift, you can choose from a large selection of felt goods made in Nepal at Yuna Handicrafts. The goods on display here were carefully imported high-quality wool from New Zealand. Our two guiding principles are fair trade and a sustainable strategy, and every one of our products is 100% handmade and original.

All of our felt goods are made in Nepal using premium New Zealand wool. They are entirely handmade using sustainable and fair trade practices. These felt balls are free of any toxic substances or dangerous compounds. They are all colored using a natural dye that is safe for people’s health and the environment, making them ideal for gift-giving.

6. Best Corporate Gift – Nepali Dhaka Products

Nepali Dhaka as Corporate Gift
Nepali Dhaka Bags for Business Gifts

Dhaka is a traditional handwoven cloth with beautiful designs that comes in many different colors. The indigenous Limbu people of eastern Nepal wear this striking and noticeable material. It truly reflects Nepali handicraft mastery as an indigenous style of expression. The Nepali Dhaka is regarded as a source of pride because it is intimately connected to their culture and serves as both a representation and a symbol of Nepali culture. The dhaka products will be the perfect gift idea as it symbolises Nepal.

Various garments are sewed using Dhaka fabrics. But in recent years, it has expanded beyond clothing to include a variety of accessories like slippers, shoes, bags, and ties.

Our entire line of Dhaka items is entirely handmade by single mothers. We are assisting poor women in becoming economically independent, maintaining traditional Nepali weaving, and inspiring other women to join them in a bright and exciting future by teaching them valuable skills. You are assisting our initiative by purchasing these gorgeous handmade products.

7. Nepali Musical Instrument: Bansuri

The bamboo flute, also known as a bansuri, is a traditional musical instrument used in Nepal. In essence, it is a musical instrument that consists of a cylindrical tube fashioned from a single bamboo shaft. The instrument is often referred to as a flute in other areas of the world and as a murali in Nepal. Bansuri is a musical instrument with six to eight open finger holes. The instrument is thought to have been created during the reign of Lord Krishna.

Bansuri will be an awesome gift for music lovers and for all.

8. Gurkha Knife

Chitlange Kukri Knife
Kukri Knife as Gift

One of the most popular knives in the world and a symbol of Nepal is the Gurkha Kukri. It is a versatile instrument used for cutting, chopping, and a variety of other tasks. While keeping one of them is difficult, owning one is simpler. The Kukri’s distinctive internally curled unusual blade, which distinguishes them from other knives, makes maintenance a little challenging. 

9. Nepali Musical Instrument: Sitar

Sitar is another well-liked category of string instrument which can be a perfect corporate gift idea. Similar to guitar strings are the sarangi’s strings. Similar to a bass guitar, tune can also be played by pressing the lines with your fingertips. The playing style is also comparable, with the exception that Sitars are played with the fingertips, like a bass guitar, whereas Acoustic and Electric Guitars are played with the aid of a guitar pick.

10. Nepali Musical Instrument: Tungna

It is also most likely the traditional implement from the alpine way of life that is most well-known. Tunga is a particular form of string instrument made from a single piece of wood from a rhododendron tree. It is played similarly to a guitar and has four strings like the sarangi. The only difference is that there are no straps.

Where to buy Corporate gifts in Nepal?

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In Nepal, Yuna Handicrafts is an expert in creating and delivering corporate presents. Every business gift basket is filled with seasonal cheer by our master gift makers. Corporate gift baskets allow you to give your customers, business partners, or workers in Nepal a personalized gift-giving experience. We accept orders for corporate gift boxes of any size all year long.

We can make gift baskets for your business as a corporate gift for any occasion in Nepal because we are based in Kathmandu. These professional gifts are typically presented as holiday presents to distinguished clients, as staff appreciation gifts, or as promotional gifts to loyal clients.

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