Best Places to Buy Nepali Handicraft Items in Kathmandu

Best places to buy Nepali handicrafts in Kathmandu


After the completion of the international airport in Pokhara, touristsmight prefer Pokhara to Kathmandu as their first-time arrival destination in Nepal in the future. When it comes to buying Nepali handicrafts in Kathmandu, they will head to the main touristy places in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is dotted with handicraft industries. These industries have been manufacturing, supplying, and selling handicraft items since Sir Edmund Hillary ascended Mount Everest 49 years ago.

The handicraft items sellers are familiar with the places that the tourists would love to visit and stay in Kathmandu. Accordingly, they have set up their shops so that tourists can buy Nepali handicrafts in Kathmandu within their reach. Some of these shops are located in the following places of Kathmandu.


Streets of Thamel

To this date, tourists have been arriving at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu either to start their treks or to visit the places of attractions. 90% of these tourists stay in Thamel because it has got all the tourist essentials.

We believe you will stay in Thamel. There are some handicraft shops that sell high-quality pashmina products. You will also find marvelous collections of shawls, ponchos, stoles, sweaters, beanies, trousers, and scarves. The shopkeeper not only sells pashmina products but also tells you how to clean them. They offer their products at a reasonable price, and they are cheaper than the price that you get in Europe, the USA, and Australia. Most of the shops are located at the heart of Thamel; as a result, you have easy access to various pashmina products. We are 100% sure you will have a great pashmina shopping experience in Thamel.

You can buy other Nepali handicrafts in Kathmandu too

The singing bowl is one of the famous handicraft items from Nepal. The handicraft shops of Thamel also have a nice collection of singing bowls. They not only sell the bowls, but they also heal curable diseases. After you have been healed, you can experience the deepest relaxation, a new experience in your life. There are also shops that sell beautiful designs and high-quality felt products at a reasonable price. These shops accept credit cards; they do not charge you extra money for card use.

The Street Stalls of Basantapur

Basantapur Durbar Square

They sell silver jewelry necklaces, kukri knife, chokers, and bohemian earrings; they also sell home-decor items and amulets; their price range from USD 1 to USD 10, and you can make a bargain with the shopkeeper.

Boudhanath is the best place to buy Tibetan Carpets and Thangka Paintings


The service that the carpet shop offers you is outstanding in whole Kathmandu. You will be satisfied with Tibetan carpets that are of high quality.  The seller inspects every part of the carpet to assure themselves that you get a durable carpet. As a customer, you can create your own designs, and you can customize the existing carpet according to the color and size required. They will do the shipping of your customized order in 4 weeks.

The Thangka paintings are masterpieces, and skilled hands are needed to create them. You will love the meanings of these paintings because they are different from the paintings of the western world. The Thangka Painting School of Boudhanath is a must-see place in Kathmandu for tourists.  The combinations of colors and designs on the Thangka painting are wonderful. Buy the Thangka painting in one of the shops of Boudhanath that offer you the best price.

Patan is the best place to buy small and unique Wood Carvings

They are valuable, but they aren’t that expensive because they are available in different sizes, from a small size that goes into your baggage to a Peacock Window sized. Any item is beautifully carved. The shopkeepers will tell you about the quality of wood. You can feel the value of carving in its design and price.

Patan is also the best place to buy Metal Statues

Patan Durbar Square

The statue of Lord Buddha will impress you because it has a high-quality material, and it comes close to your expectation. You will love the work of an artisan, and the statue is nice and wonderful, and you can give this as a birthday present to your relative or friends. The statues are available in copper or brass, or bronze.


This place is a pioneer of Tibetan Carpets in Nepal and has always been the best place for tourists to buy the Tibetan theme carpets made by Tibetan refugees. Here, you can see the Potala Palace Carpet as well. Tourists are allowed to visit the weaving section of the handicraft carpet industry in Jawlakhel. They are so beautifully woven that you will buy them on the spot.