7 things you can make from the felt ball


Handmade things are always better, right? There are only fewer things that are handcrafted and are considered to be great to enhance the ambiance of your house. Felt ball items are vibrant and lovely. There are many things that can be made from the felt ball. The tiny colorful balls have so much potential for forming various handcrafted items. 

Felt balls come in different sizes and varieties of color and are affordable. Therefore, these balls are great for your DIY projects as well. You can be as crafty as you would like to when you have felt balls with you. Coasters, pompom planters, pompom in fashion clothes, rugs, nursery decorations, birthday boards and many more can be created from felt balls. Making things from these balls is not as difficult as you think. In fact, there are some must have things when you think of starting any project with these balls. 

If you want to make various wonderful items with felt balls, you need to have the following things ready with you. Having these things ready with you eases the process of making items from felt balls. 

Things you need to make felt balls items.

  • Measuring tape
  • Adhesive tape
  • Glue 
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Wire
  • Other Metals
  • Metal cutter

Those are a few things to name. Some items can be crafted with felt balls, thread and needle, while other may need metals as well. Therefore, you need things to craft items from these balls depending on the project you would like to do. 

Now let us discuss the items that can be made from felt balls. 


Felt Balls DIY
Felt Balls for Garlands

Are you thinking about how there is something really appealing yet simple? Are you looking at all of the different colored felt balls you’ve created so far and need to find a cool DIY project? Then it is definite that you will love this idea of making a ball garland from the felt! If you could find a better way to display felt balls items, you would certainly love them. You can find many guides on various mediums that will walk you through the process of tying the felt balls together. You can find the fine and practically invisible thread in order to appreciate the beauty of starkness. You can use this garland to decorate your/babies’ bed, mirror frames, entrance door and so on. 


Felt Ball Coasters Trivet Set
Felt Ball Coasters Trivet Set

If you love to have a collection of felt ball items and you are not sure of what items to make, try making felt ball coasters. Coasters are used on an everyday basis, and making these from the felt ball is easy and fun. The vibrant and tiny felt balls are attached together to make a coaster. You and your guest would definitely love to have such colorful coasters on the table while serving a cup of tea or coffee. While making felt ball coasters, make sure that the balls are of the same sizes and leveled off. Otherwise, your cup or any other hot pot may not stand on the coaster stable and may risk dropping off the food from it. 


Purple Green Round Felt Ball Rug
Purple Green Round Felt Ball Rug

A rug is a defining piece of home decor that transforms the entire room appearance in which it is placed. It adds warmth, character, color, texture, and a sense of cohesion to the home. Rugs may reduce noise in a room, are far more comfortable than the hardwood or tiled flooring is seen in most of our houses 

Have you ever seen a beautiful colorful rug anywhere that seemed like it was made up of numerous small candies? That is almost certainly a felt ball rug. The felt balls are made from 100% New Zealand wool, and hundreds of them are utilized to form a single rug. The felt balls are stitched together to make different kinds of rugs that can’t be found anywhere else. Vibrant and multicolored felt ball rugs are true heroes in any living room, with so many colors and sizes to make. 

Mobile Candy Flush 

Felt Ball Mobile Candy Floss
Felt Ball Mobile Candy Floss

Do you have a large collection of felt balls in a variety of colors and sizes that you’d like to use to make something that even your youngest children will enjoy? So, if you are an expectant mom or anyone who is been trying to get as crafty as possible, felt ball hanging mobile candy flush is the greatest option for you.  These items certainly make your nursery room more pleasant and make your new bundle of joy’s arrival more exciting. You can make this felt ball hanging candy flush as per your color and style preference. You can also create it to match the theme of your nursery room. 

Willow Decor

Here is another suggestion that shows you how to combine them with actual outdoor materials retrieved from the grass. If you are creative and a little craftsy, you may be attracted to the concept of utilizing your colorful felt balls to create a handmade tribute to the plants you would find in the park outside your house. You may use thin, fallen tree branches to make their balls look like willows in a vase. If you are fond of keeping colorful things in your room, this felt ball willow décor is certainly a hit. 

Decorative flower

If you love to have an everlasting flower at your house, making felt ball flowers is another great option. It is quite easy to make flowers from felt balls. The only thing you need to add is metal if you plan to make flowers with its steams. You can wrap up the metal wire with green thread and add felt balls at the top end of the metal with the help of glue. Then your felt ball flower is ready to blossom in a vase in your room. 

Pompom Pillow

Have you got a spare cushion at home that you love the feel of because it’s so cozy, but you don’t want to keep it because it is quite plain? You don’t have to trash it. You can always redesign and style it with felt ball pompoms. The colorful felt ball pompom adds life to an old boring cushion or its cove and enhances its appearance. It is very simple to add a felt ball pompom around your cushion that changes its exterior. 

Handcrafted items are always cherished all around. When it is about felt balls, it is classier yet energizing because of its vibrant colors. If you have or thinking to have a collection of felt balls, you can create a number of things yourself, you just need to be a little creative, but it is easy. All above mentioned felt ball items can be created yourself because it is easy and you will definitely enjoy making these. 

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