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How to Use a Khukri Knife ?

Authentic Nepali Khukuri

We love to sell khukuri online because we value your khukuri dream that you have dreamt in your country. You want to own it at one point of your life, and we work towards it by looking at your order and by aligning it with your needs and requirements. We ask ourselves who knows about […]

Gurkha Kukri Blade of Nepali vs Machete knife: Is it illegal to own the Nepali Kukri ?

Kukri vs Machete

Kukri Vs Machete, which one should you choose in battle? What are their uses? Who uses them? These are some of the most frequent questions people ask while discussing about a kukri knife or a machete. While both the items look similar, they are quite different and the places, as well as the people that […]

The Glory of the Nepali Kukri Ignites Nepal and the World from 1762 to Present Day

Gurkha blade 'Kukri"

But it had been in use since the time of Alexander the Great. Nepali Kukri that is renowned in Nepal and India is traditionally made, following the rules and regulations by one of the ethnic groups of Nepal called Biswakarma. When is the kukri worshipped? It is ritually done, according to the Nepali calendar, on […]