9 Handicrafts Of Nepal That Make Perfect Souvenirs

Felt ball for souvenir


Whenever we visit new countries/ places, we think of getting something affordable from that specific place as a souvenir to our dear ones. Nepal is very rich in handicraft production, which allows tourists to select souvenirs from various varieties. Many handicrafts in Nepal are usually related to some cultures and traditions, which hold more value. […]

Wheel of Life : A Way to Understand Yourself Better

The Wheel of Life


If you want Lord Buddha to give you a spiritual lecture in front of your eyes, then you should buy the Wheel of Life Thangka that will show the result of your action. It is the representation of Lord Buddha’s vision. The vision he had seen and experienced during the enlightenment. He wants people to […]

How Nepali Handicrafts are Different from the Handicrafts of India

Handicrafts of India


When you open the History Book of India in front of you on a table, you will see the Indus Valley Civilization chapter on its first page.  Why is this chapter important to the fans of the Nepali handicrafts as well as to the fans of the Indian handicrafts living across the world?  It tells […]

Kalachakra Mandala : More Than Just Art, A Sacred Symbol

Kalachakra Mandala


Kalachakra Mandala Thangka is a means to be at the stage of peace, to know where the problem has come from, to accept the moment of unhappiness, and to know that nothing unwanted will last forever. Sadness is followed by happiness; this is a solution from this mandala. You have contacted us for Kalachakra Mandala […]

How to Use a Khukri Knife ?

Authentic Nepali Khukuri


We love to sell khukuri online because we value your khukuri dream that you have dreamt in your country. You want to own it at one point of your life, and we work towards it by looking at your order and by aligning it with your needs and requirements. We ask ourselves who knows about […]