Everything you need to know about some popular Thangkas

Wheel of Life Thangka Painting


In Tibet, Thangka is an ancient Buddhist art style that originated in Tibet in the 11th century. Thangka paintings are usually vertically oriented scrolls carved on silk or cotton cloth and are thought to function as a teaching and meditation tool for religious academics. These paintings often depict great Buddhist instructors and deities surrounding other […]

Metal Statues in Nepal: Preserving the Artistic and Religious Heritage

Standing Maya Devi Bronze Statue


Nepal, the land of Himalayas, is known for its rich cultural heritage and religious diversity. The country is home to numerous ancient temples, stupas, and shrines, which are adorned with exquisite metal statues. These metal sculptures represent the artistic and religious traditions of Nepal and reflect the skills of Nepalese craftsmen. Metal statues have been […]

Nepali Carpets and Rugs: The Perfect Blend of Culture and Artistry

Tibetan Rug Carpet


Nepal has always been known for its rich culture and artistry. The country’s handicrafts are famous for their intricate designs and high quality, and the Nepali carpet or rug is no exception. These carpets and rugs have gained popularity worldwide, thanks to their beautiful patterns and colors that reflect the country’s unique cultural heritage. Nepali […]

Top 10 Corporate Gift Ideas 

How to choose a singing bowl


Giving employees corporate presents is a wise strategy to improve the working relationship between employers and employees. Businesses of all sizes are known for giving gifts to their staff and associates on significant holidays like Christmas, Dashain, and Tihar (the Nepalese festival). Businesses consider it essential to their business to give gifts to partners, clients, […]

Best Dhaka Products to buy in Nepal

Dhaka Tote Bag - DTTB10


What is Dhaka? Dhaka is a significant handwoven textile in Nepal that holds great importance because it represents Nepali culture. Dhaka textile is usually made with colors combination and woven in geometric design. Isn’t it interesting to know that Dhaka is handwoven in wooden looms? Yes, this is how colorful geometric design fabric from Nepal, […]

10 interesting facts about Handicrafts of Nepal

Handicrafts of Nepal


Nepalese handicrafts portray the oldest civilization in the world. They are made in connection to various cultures, traditions, ethnicities and a unique way of life. Handicrafts of Nepal are an important thing because of the creativity, dignity, culture, tradition and exceptional skills of the artisans. It is a fact that Nepal has a wide and […]