Pashmina is one of the finest craftsmanship from Nepal. Westerners often refer to Pashmina as Cashmere. The word ‘Pashmina’ was first originated from the Persian word ‘pashm’, which means wool or any weavable yarn. To be clear, Pashmina is neither a type of  Cashmere nor the best Cashmere. It is simply Cashmere. 

Interestingly, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission does not recognize Pashmina as a labeling term. Regardless of what you call it, Pashmina is a fine fabric woven from fibers that are derived from the undercoat of the Himalayan domestic goats, called Chyangra (Capra Hircus). 

Chyanagras are only found at or above the altitude of 14,500 feet from the sea level. The temperature is quite low in the Himalayas. So, the goats have thicker wools to protect against the cold. The soft fibers are trimmed from the underbelly wool after approximately seven to eight months. Upon the successful extraction of the fibers, they are knitted into products such as scarves and shawls. 

Soft in touch and about nine times thinner than human hair, Pashmina extraction requires a high level of expertise and is often costly. They are mostly known for their softness and warmth. Identifying a pure Pashmina is rather tricky but absolutely possible if you know what you are looking for. A pure Pashmina is often gauzy and opens weaved as it cannot tolerate high tension. 

Over the years, Pashmina has fascinated by Kings and royal families from all over the world by the traditional elegance it has accumulated. Enthusiasts have found unique ways to blend in Pashmina with modern fashion and culture. Despite the usage, Pashmina is just as rare as any exotic items from the Himalayas. Therefore, acknowledging its rarity will help avoid numerous fake marketings claiming to be a 100% Pashmina. 

Browse our variety of gorgeous Shawls and Scarves handmade by our dearest artisans. You can also find high-quality Sweaters, Mufflers, Poncho, and more. Pashmina is great for winter as they are warm and light. It can be worn over a jacket as a wrap, or around the neck as a muffler, or even instead of a jacket. In summer, wear it instead of a cardigan or jacket! Especially when you are out at night over a summer dress. 

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