Best Dhaka Products to buy in Nepal

Dhaka Tote Bag - DTTB10


What is Dhaka?

Dhaka is a significant handwoven textile in Nepal that holds great importance because it represents Nepali culture. Dhaka textile is usually made with colors combination and woven in geometric design. Isn’t it interesting to know that Dhaka is handwoven in wooden looms? Yes, this is how colorful geometric design fabric from Nepal, i.e. Dhaka is produced. However, with time, the patterns in Dhaka fabric are changed. Therefore, apart from geometric patterns, there are various patterns of Dhaka fabrics available in the market. 

The designs are all unique and the weavers usually create the patterns by eye. They create patterns by using little bobbins of yarn dragged through the loom warp in a variety of colors. This is a time-consuming process and needs extensive attention. Dhaka fabric portrays the true craftsmanship of Nepal and its culture and is an ethnic representation.

However, the traditional way of making Dhaka has been replaced by machines to a larger extent. You can easily find Dhaka products in shops at a lower price nowadays because of the mass and machine production. This has threatened the authenticity of Dhaka production. Because of the labor-intensive way of weaving Dhaka, handwoven Dhaka fabrics are comparatively expensive yet hold more significance.

Dhaka fabrics are used to produce varieties of products such as shawls, scarfs, a variety of bags, shoes, bhoto and Daura suruwal, caps, designer clothes and many more. Let us discuss some of the best Dhaka products to buy in Nepal.

Best Dhaka products to buy in Nepal

Dhaka Cap

Dhaka caps are called Dhaka Topi usually and probably are the most popular Dhaka item in Nepal. These caps have a unique design and are distinct from ordinary caps available in the market because of their shape. Dhaka caps are made in varieties of patterns and color combinations, making them look elegant. The Dhaka cap has significant importance in Nepali culture and is worn especially by men. In some of the ethnic groups of people, Dhaka caps are a must to have, especially during specific festivals such as Tihar. There is a tradition of putting Dhaka caps on brothers’ heads by sisters during Vai Tika. Similarly, to preserve the importance of Dhaka caps, January 1st is celebrated as Dhaka Topi Day. 

Dhaka Crossbody Bag

Dhaka Crossbody Bag - DCBB10
Dhaka Crossbody Bag – Made in Nepal

A crossbody bag made from an intricate pattern of woven Dhaka makes it look elegant. Dhaka crossbody bags are distinct from others because of their pattern and color combination. Crossbody bags made from Dhaka fabric can be used as a shopping or regular outing bags as these have enough space for your essentials. Dhaka bags are usually light in weight and easy to carry. You can choose Dhaka crossbody bags in various colors and patterns from the Dhaka or handicraft shops.

Dhaka Tote Bags

Dhaka Tote Bag - DTTB09
Dhaka Tote Bag

Like Dhaka crossbody bags, these Dhaka tote bags can be your regular fit if you like the color combination and geometric patterns. Dhaka tote bags have enough space for your stuff. Therefore, you can use it as a basic bag either for college, shopping or regular outing. Because of its lightweight, it is very convenient to use. 

Dhaka Clutch Bags

Similar to the other two types of bags mentioned above, the Dhaka clutch bags have the same color and patterns. The difference is that these clutch bags are smaller in size and serves different purposes. These bags can be used as a money bag, makeup and skincare bag or as a hand purse. These are equally vibrant and elegant. 

Dhaka Daura Suruwal 

Dhaka Daura Suruwal is specially worn by the male during special events such as marriage ceremonies, bratabandha, weaning ceremonies and as such. Usually, a combination of red and other bright colors of Dhaka fabric is used to make daura suruwal targeting such ceremonies. Dhaka daura suruwal gives a stylish yet authentic look with great comfort for the men. Dhaka daura suruwal can be available in various sizes and patterns to enhance your look. 

Dhaka is an authentic and ethnic fabric especially handwoven in a wooden loom. Dhaka fabric is made with a combination of various colors and is woven in especially geometric patterns. This fabric is a traditional and national representation that is also used to make various products such as bags, daura suruwal, caps, etc. If you love the combination of various color and unique pattern in the textile, you would not regret having at least one Dhaka item with you.